Hey—A new sitcom that doesn't actually suck!

“Grounded for Life”—anyone else seen it? Now, I’m not claiming it’s the second coming of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” or anything, but it’s not actually physically painful to watch.

I could do without the adorably crotchety grampa and the two adorably wisecracking moppets. But the interplay with the parents and the teenage daughter is pretty good—good acting, good writing.

. . . It’ll probably get cancelled within a month and be replaced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ new show . . .

I’ve seen it, and I can’t watch it. They’re all bad charicatures and the storylines are inane. I think I’ve seen 3 episodes - kept hoping it would get better - kept being disappointed. It reminds me of a badly written high-school skit.
But that’s just me…

Well, of course I also once mentioned that I think “Popular” is a brilliant post-modern satire of high school shows, along the lines of what “Green Acres” was to “The Beverly Hillbillies.” I got hooted down so severely I had to take a two-week break . . .

Sorry, but I cannot stand that girl! I could also do without the grandpa - “I think she’s high on that ecstamacy!” ha. ha. that is soooo funny.
As a side note, I think I read that the father and daughter are father and daughter in real life. Maybe they share some kind of unfunniness gene?

Goodness, gracious, Eve, don’t let my opinion chase you away. FWIW, I don’t like Seinfeld either. In fact, I’ve just about given up watching TV… sadly, I’m married to a man whose hand trembles when it’s not clenched around a remote. And he likes *Grounded…

Grounded for Life isn’t bad. I’ve only just begun to watch it. I’m not overwhelmed, but suffice it to say, I am whelmed somewhat.

It’s been just over a year since Malcolm in the Middle came out, so I guess you can’t call it new, though it still seems pretty new to me. I was in love with that show since day one. Damn, that show kicks ass. I adore Jane Kaczmarek. That whole cast is great, but she’s fantastic!

Well, I still recommend “Popular,” if only for the brilliant Leslie Grossman, who plays evil cheerleader Mary Cherry. It is no small compliment when I say that Leslie Grossman is the only person who could play Divine’s role in a remake of John Waters’ “Female Trouble.”

Shim—Yeah, that “ecstamacy” line NEVER should have made it past the first reading . . .

Malcolm in the Middle is OK, but the best new comedy of the past couple of years is Titus. Last night’s episode managed to be funny when dealing with an HIV test. It’s the least likely subject for comedy since “Jo-Jo’s Problem” on Buffalo Bill – and they did it brilliantly.

I have only seen “Grounded for Life” twice, but I think it’s pretty decent – especially considering how terrible most shows about parents and teenagers usually are. I must congratulate the writers for coming up with a plotline involving a teenage girl and her fake ID without making it a “Very Special Episode”. They also seem to have some understanding of how computers work and what teenagers do with them, unlike virtually every other TV show ever.

But I’m with Shim and Eve on “ecstamacy”.

I hate it.

I tried watching it again last night, and still thought it was simply awful, beginning to end.

But then, I really don’t like family shows where the parents are completely failing to raise their children (as opposed to feeding them, clothing them, and giving them a place to live while the kids run around saying and doing whatever whenever). I don’t relate to them at all.

Malcolm, I love. Titus, I’ll go out of my way to watch… not the best thing out there, but pretty consistently good.

I love Popular! It’s one of my guilty pleasures – that and People Magazine. I have an apartment in my basement and last week – the episode where April Tuna “died” and the Mullet Brigade, complete with patron saint Richard Marx – I had to put a pillow over my face rather than disturb the tenant by hooting with laughter.

Haven’t seen the other show, tho.

fe". I couldn’t stand it the first time I saw it, but I think its pretty funny. I loved when they took the kids to see the Ramones. It rememded me of when my wife and I take our daughter to see the local bands play all the little summer festivals.

I tried watching the show but it just didn’t interest me. However, the mom on the show is hot!

I actually spent a fair amount of time mulling over just why I don’t like Grounded… while I love Malcolm… - It comes down to the acting.

Despite the outrageous situations, the actors on Malcolm… don’t come across as if they’re acting. It’s like watching real people thrust in inane situations.

OTOH, on Grounded… I find I focus on how terrible the acting is, so even an honest-to-goodness true-to-life situation on that show would appear bogus.

Does that make sense? No matter… it makes sense to me.


A week ago I went to a TV preview. You go for two hours, and they show you test pilots and commercials and then ask you to rate what they’ve showed you.

I was pretty picky about what I thought was good on tv before last weekend. Now?

You people don’t know how good we have it!!! The shows on tv right now are PURE GOLD compared to the schlock I spent two hours watching last weekend. Count your lucky stars.

The only thing memorable about Grounded is the fact that the “parents” look like they are 10 years older than their “daughter,” IMO.

And I really do need to watch Malcolm in the Middle - so many people tell me it’s great!

While we’re talking about sucky sitcoms—“Bette” was finally smothered by a pillow.

Jodi—So nice to meet another “Popular” groupie! I stand by my claim that the show is a brilliant satire, and Leslie Grossman deserves an Emmy.

Fairy—Ya see, it just goes to show how differently people see things; I think the acting (at least of the parents and daughter) on “Grounded” is terrific . . .

I, too, love Malcom in the Middle. The “they don’t look like they’re acting” thing is probably what does it…It’s all just so “realistic” to me. Like they do what I would HOPE they would do and what I would WANT to do if I were in the same situation, heh…Like in one of the first eps, when they go to the race track and the dad is apologizing at the end to the security guard, and then out of nowhere kicks him in the knee and shouts “RUN BOYS!!” and they all take off…that was just perfect. I love the dad in that show, heh.

Most sitcoms don’t have me laughing much (please not ANOTHER episode chock full of sex jokes, aghhh), but Malcom always does. Except for his nerdy friends (the wheelchair kid is okay, but the small “group” of kids he’s usually with)…They irritate the hell out of me. Their acting is just way overdone or something. Everyone else in the show makes up for it though, heh…Their mom is what my mom was like so I get a kick out of that. :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen (or heard of) Grounded for Life, but I saw the first episode or two of Titus and couldn’t stand it. I thought it would disappear (like I expected The Weber Show (used to be called Cursed I think) to), but maybe it got better after the first episode, heh…

Just wanted to ramble about Malcom in the Middle because I like it that much, heh…Sitcoms are sucking severely these days.

  • Tsugumo

Ahem. WB teen shows are my guilty pleasure (although I can’t stand Dawson’s Creek. Blech.), and I adore Popular. The episode where everyone was concerned about the growing number of cough syrup addicts was an absolutely perfect satire of a thousand “very special episodes”. And when Nicole and Mary Cherry did a Gallup poll to see who Brooke should date was hysterical! Great show, and anyone who makes fun of it has obviously never seen 90210 or any of the myriad shows that it is making fun of.

Haven’t seen Grounded though. Ads for it looked not so promising.

I miss Action! …
but enough about me…