GTA San Andreas help

Hi guys, How can I unlock all the bridges in GTA San Andreas? I know there are other methods of going onto other islands e.g. flying, boats etc but how can I drive across into another island?

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I sent a report in to have this moved to the Game Room or elsewhere possibly. I don’t know how much help people are going to be in this particular forum/section of the board. Over there you will have a much better chance. It may take the Mods a bit of time with this being Sunday and all but I expect one to chime in.

(Just so when it moves you have some idea why.)

I assume you’re early in the storyline still? If so, then keep playing the story missions, and eventually San Fiero will be unlocked, and then eventually after that whatever they call Las Vegas’s equivalent (forgot the name) will also be unlocked.

Play the story missions until one requires you to move islands, then it will be unlocked.

Just wait until you get to the goddamn model airplane quest.

Edit: ninja, but Las Venturas is the name (“the fortunes”). would be a better forum for this, I think.

Fuck. Those. God. Damn. Planes.

The difficulty outweighed the shame of needing to ask my younger brother to play that part for me. Wow that was a long time ago.

I don’t remember the model airplane one, so it must not have been a big deal to me. But, the stupid car dancing one, that was the last story mission to get off the starting island. I think it took me a week to finally get past it. It would have been easier to blow up the entire beach party.

And no, I’ve never gotten any enjoyment out of DDR, Guitar Hero, or those type games.

IIRC it was optional. From nerdy hobbyist shop David Cross in SF.

It involved a hard to control RC plane plus very limited fuel, and guys trying to shoot you down while attempting to kill multiple vans.

According to Wiki, the PS2 version is timed fuel while the PC version drains fuel with use. Don’t know if that means PC was easier or harder.

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It’s been a while since I played San Andreas (my favorite of all the GTA games), but I seem to recall that there is one way to drive to San Fierro or Las Venturas before they’re opened up by the story missions: take the train. That is, you can just drive a vehicle on to the tracks and get to the cities that way. You still have to avoid getting pancaked by a locomotive on your way there, and you’ll have a 4-star wanted rating when you get there, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only way to do it early.

My advice is use a dirt bike on those tracks. If a train is coming you can avoid it on one of those.