Guardians of the galaxy movie

According to AICN, Marvel are currently working on a Guardians movie for 2014.

Bit of a surprise actually, but I could see this being pretty good. The most recent incarnation of Gotg (post Annihilation) was great.

I’m just hoping they aren’t going to base it on the lame 90s version of the team.

Do we really need another movie with the word Guardians in it?

It ain’t happening. The story’s source is something called Latino Review and the Latino Review article doesn’t even specify a source. Not even “an unnamed source”. Nothing. Nada. I’m calling bullshit (on Latino Review and AICN - not the OP).

The 90’s version was great. At least until Valentino left for Image, anyway.

Here is an Entertainment Weekly article.

I know nothing of the team’s 90’s reboot, so I guess I have some reading to do, unless someone feels like giving me the Doper version.

Latino Review is one of those unheralded sites that get accurate scoops all the time. They’re often better than Entertainment Weekly. Though they’re not always 100%, they definitely have a finger on the pulse.

I found it all a bit generic, but then I probably didn’t give it long enough. It was during that phase when Marvel created a new title every month. It was impossible to keep up with all of them. I’ve never been blown away by Jim Valentino though. I found the Shadowhawk title he did for image similarly disappointing.

The later version became a bit of a dumping ground for older cosmic type heroes, but it was well written and seemed to bring out the best of the characters. It was run by Peter Quill (who used to be Star Lord) a world weary earthman who didn’t really want the job, and had members such as Drax the Destroyer, Warlock , Gamora and Moondragon. Some of the characters were a bit quirkier, such as Rocket Raccoon (who is a Raccoon, but also happens to be a weapons expert and tactical genius), and Groot (who is a giant tree who only ever sayd “I AM GROOT”).

Wiki here

I can see it working as a movie, although they probably have too many characters to drop into a single movie.

I could see them kind of blending the two distinct GotG team concepts.

Starlord blends with Vance Astro as the Earthman…maybe contemporary guy who gets transported into the future, where the Badoon have conquered Earth and enslaved its colonies. Drax/Charlie 27 blend. Yondu might not fly because–holy crap did Cameron rip-off GotG for Avatar too? Blue skinned Native American-pastiche primitive warrior. You throw Groot and Rocket in there.

A Guardians of the Galaxy movie could be as big a blockbuster as Green Lantern, if they play their cards right!

(Colour me skeptical.)

Although I’m quite fond of the original-version Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel is making a mint with their formula of staying faithful to the comics and then linking all their movies together.

The new Guardians had the Thanos Imperative storyline. The foreshadowed bad guy of the next Avengers movie is… Thanos. I think we can connect the dots as to which Guardians version will be filmed.