Guess I can never post anything TMI again

(pulls up a chair)

butrscotch, I’m all ears.

Tell us about your daughter. All about her. Who cares if it’s TMI or not?

And welcome to the best message board on the face of the earth!

butrscotch - I don’t suppose that’s shorthand for “brought her scotch,” is it? You may have wished you did.

Well, let’s see…TMI about whiterabbit? Okay, when she was 5 years old, she freaked out at the blue water in a friend’s toilet, took half an hour to persuade her to pee in it. Of course, then she was thrilled because it turned GREEN. I had to put blue stuff in our own toilets at home. :smiley:

Didn’t bring the scotch, but surely somebody did??

Çyrin, maybe I should have said been on the business end of her tongue-LASHING? (Yeah, make what you will out of that!

hi Butrscotch - I am glad I am not the only Mother who has funny but embarassing kids. Maybe we can swap stories one day. I better not let the other members of the Board hear about this stuff.

Actually, Mama Beando, this is my Good Child. Her evil younger brother has done far more blackmailable stuff. The longest running has continued since the time he had to pick a country to do a school report on in seventh grade and picked Paraguay because that’s the country that has the canal, right? It’s amazing how many references to Paraguay have surfaced in ensuing years…I even was able to provide him with a piece of mail that had just arrived from Paraguay a couple years ago (and no, I did NOT pay someone to send it!). There’s nothing like twisting the knife, right? That’s what they taught me in Mother School, anyway! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Embarassing? Moi? I hardly think I’m the embarassing one here. What about that time you… that time you… that time you…
Uh, yeah. What about that time you wore one black sock and one navy sock! You’re so embarassing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, Butrscotch, my kids had toilet phobias also. Maybe there is really something simpatico here. One (I cant’t remember which --speaking of bad mothers) was deathly afraid of black toilet seats while the other couldn’t stand fans in public bathrooms. Is this why they are such special people?

I didn’t bring the scotch, but their father did.

Alternate universe, indeed.

Future universe.

Okay, okay. Alternate future universe.

Gee, what makes me think you might know about it? :smiley: