Guess I can never post anything TMI again

My mom has registered, AND posted! She even survived reading the favorite pimple stories thread yesterday. I don’t know if she’s seen the TMI Thread yet, though…I sure hope she doesn’t regret it when she does. I WARNED her this board is addictive.

I give you butrscotch, who has already posted things to this board that I did not know about her. Way to tell me first, Mom. :slight_smile:

Welcome, butrscotch!

well, does she know about SPOOFE yet? After that, anything you could do will just sort of fade out of her mind. . .

I must still be running on a few less brain cells then usual. I didn’t make the connection you are brand new butrscotch. My apologies! I appreciate the insight you shared in my thread… and the compassion. Hugs right back at ya!

That part about this board being addictive. It’s true, but I’ll never admit to that. The first step to recovery is admitting there’s a problem :wink:

Hope you enjoy your stay here :smiley:

Gotta watch out for that whiterabbit, she pulls one out of her hat every time I’m not looking! We figure we’re about even now, though, in exchanging addictions – I got her hooked on Star Trek and Pern, and now she’s gotten me hooked on B5 and THIS alternate universe. I’m having a blast – let’s just hope I’m not too dull, being Somebody’s Mother! :eek:

By the way, the pimple thread really gave me hope that I have NO dirty little secrets that aren’t shared by a LARGE group of people, who are actually willing to share them publicly! :smiley:

Hey, how 'bout that, my mother (and Green Bean’s too – just one mom, we’re brother and sister) just joined as well. You can say hi to her here. In fact I pointed her to the pimple thread as well.

Anyway, greetings butrscotch. Welcome to the boards.

Assuming it’s not a typo, what is Pern?

Another alternate universe, created by author Anne McCaffrey – has a small but very faithful fandom. She’ll be coming to DragonCon in Atlanta this year, for anyone who knows who she is and wants to meet her – she hasn’t left Ireland in years (for health reasons), so this is a great opportunity.

By the way, how DO I run a search for “TMI” on this board when the search engine won’t let me search for any keyword less than four letters long???

Wow. A mom=on-the-board trend! Hi butrscotch!

Hiya, butrscotch! Hmmm…a Mom-on-board trend…could this mean that MY Mom’s already on the boards and posting while she’s at work? :eek:


Just the same, is there any way to purge my post about visiting Pretty please?

Simply ask, and ye shall receive.

[sub]Just don’t tell SPOOFE I told ya. And hide your toothbrush.[/sub]


Oh yeah, welcome to the boards, too.

[sub]Nertz. Hate it when I do that.[/sub]

Bienvenue, butrscotch!

Hi butr!

I too crave the knowledge of searching for TMI threads. I asked, no one answered.

This place can cause all kinds of problems. Especially when something is funny and you try to read it to your husband. and he DOES. NOT. Find. it. funny.

Welcome. I’ve only been here a few days myself. Wait, is it April? Already? Well time flys when you are reading pimple stories.

Ha. You people are so out of fashion.

MY mother joined the boards at least a year and a half ago … maybe even two.

Feh. “Ooh, look at me, my mommy knows about a pimple I had!” My mother knows about:

  1. The tryst (about which I haven’t even posted in detail on this board)
  2. My roommate propositioning me
  3. She’s my mother. She knows stuff about me I don’t even remember.


My mom joined a bit ago as well.

But then again, my mother and I, after living together for a year after I graduated, have nothing to hide from each other.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy your stay.

The SDMB search engine will let you search for:






(* designates a ‘wildcard’ character)
You will not get any hits for post that had TMI without any characters before and/or after the TMI, but you will get hits on posts that had (TMI) in the titles. (I’m assuming that you want to search titles only, that seems to make sense.)

You’ll also get hits of posts with TMI… and TMI- in the titles. You’ll miss a few, but you’ll get a lot of hits this way because it’s very common to put TMI in parentheses or followed by elipses or dashes.

BTW, you’ll also find all of the Westminster Kennel Club posts, too. :smiley:

Interesting. Very interesting. I TRIED the wildcard search last night, with the asterisk before, after, and before/after the TMI, and each time it assured me my keyword was too short. Apparently you have to bribe the hamsters to make it work right!

I guess I COULD tell stories about my daughter that she wouldn’t appreciate…hehehehehe…but then again, I AM on the receiving end of her tongue as well as her keyboard if I do. Maybe I’d better rethink my position.

This Just In

SDMB user whiterabbit was arrested last night before being taken to hospital for emergency surgery to re-attach her tongue.

As a retaliation for comments made on the SDMB, whiterabbit resorted to beating her own mother, butrscotch, with her keyboard. After the keyboard broke in half, she decided to try and finish the job with her tongue. butrscotch is recovering in hospital as well, suffering only minor bruising. butrscotch feared that something like this may happen one day. “I AM on the receiving end of her tongue as well as her keyboard”. butrscotch says though that she is in shock that it escalated to the level it did.

Explicit details of this story can be found in the next TMI thread!


butrscotch! You’ve been helping to look for SDMB Easter eggs!

Welcome aboard, Mom!