Guess I have to take the good with the bad.

Or rather, the bad with the good.

Yes, I appreciate that you allow me to live with you, in this rather lousy little apartment that you own, while I’m completely broke and recovering from severe illness. I can’t give you any money now, but I iron all of our clothes, have put together our coffee table (IKEA-style, but not actually IKEA), sweep and dust the whole place and cook some of your food and all of mine. Yet I still feel deeply ashamed for somehow taking advantage of you.

That said, your shouting at me in that shrill, hysterical voice is not exactly pleasant, but I can bear with it.

But please, stop putting the TV volume at 12 and then acting like I’d tried to rape you when your favourite zany-assed telenovela is on and I politely ask you to turn it down because I want to read.

I want to get out of here.

Okay, this was lame, but I had to get it off my chest.

I hope you’re not fucking this person. That would be a total buzz kill.

wait, what?

Of the options that the person paying the rent is a (dubious) friend, a(n older?) relative, or a significant other, Kalhoun hopes that it is not the last.

Ahh I see. Thanks.

Beggers can’t be choosers. Go read somewhere else.

And remember people, whenever you are extending generousity to a person by giving them a place to stay, it is your right and practically your obligation to be a complete ass to the person you’re helping. You know, to help even things out a little on the karma end.

That’s right. And don’t help anyone out unless you hate them. Because hating the needy makes it easier for the mean to flow.

That sucks, Amber in Treasury, I hope that’s a very temporary arrangement, and that you’re feeling strong enough to leave there real soon.

And start looking NOW. That way, when you are ready, you can get away and never look back.

With friends like that …

I recommend earplugs.

Heh…I’m amused how much this sounds like Randy Milholland dialogue.

You take them both and there you have…

The OP’s mention of “our coffee table” makes me a little nervous.

It’s a relative, not a significant other. And thanks for the earplugs suggestion, Maastricht. It’s not that easy to find good ones though.
And yeah, I’m in a rather crappy situation right now…trying to get things sorted out…but my major problems are not really with that person; we usually get along - usually. But sometimes we really piss eachother off, which adds to my frustration.
The OP was a bit of much-needed venting.

Goddamn you, I was coming in here to post that joke. Just because it’s obvious doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Well, sometimes the world doesn’t seem to live up to your dreams.

Well played, sir.

Ah, it must be Rand Rover’s hick cousin.