Guess the TV character by the bad behavior

I’m talking really bad here, not just annoying or bratty or occasionally foolish. I mean really mean, violent, arrogant, vile, or scary. And from TV only, not films.

  1. This fellow, on a short-lived series, was petite and bespectacled but inspired fear among both his henchmen and his opponents. He was ruthless and cruel, even to his wife.

  2. This guy is arrogant, vain, will betray others at the drop of a hat, insults his colleagues, and jumps in and out of bed with hundreds of women, regardless of how strongly they may become attached to him.

Is two Sam Malone?

Maybe, but I didn’t watch his show.

It’s someone much more recent.

I’m sure it’s not him, but number two sounds a lot like Dennis Reynolds.

My other thought was House but he doesn’t jump into bed with THOUSANDS of women…that I know of.

Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men?

No and no.

He is a doctor, however.

This actually covers quite a few characters on TV, but I believe the answer you want is Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck.

Score–a direct hit.

Anybody for #1? It was on ABC, just a handful of episodes.