Guess What? The Steinhardts Bake Hamantaschen Yet Again...

Yep, it’s that time of the year again – Purim is coming up and, as per our annual tradition, the Steinhardts have, once again, baked hamantaschen. And, as per my annual tradition, I’m here with pictures once again.

Here are the pictures of this year’s baking.

And here are the photos (and threads) from previous years:

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Zev Steinhardt

What great pictures! Your family is so beautiful, and how the kids have grown!

Wow! How can it be Purim again? I can’t believe how much your kids have grown! Glad to see them having fun making Hamantaschen. Thanks again for sharing.


Thanks - a truly heartwarming scene, you gave me hope today.

Has it really been a year since the last hamantaschen thread? Yikes. Looks like a great deal of fun was had by all… it’s great to see you’re keeping up with the tradition.

BTW, thanks for sharing your recipe last year. I used it to make hamantaschen with poppyseed, apricot and prune fillings, all of which were a huge hit with The Boy and his folks. I’m fully expecting a call from MIL asking when she can expect this year’s batch. :slight_smile:

Lisa likes prune, but no one in my household really likes apricot. Poppyseed, OTOH, is always a big hit.

This year’s lineup was poppyseed, lemon, cherry (with real cherries) and prune.

I took a pic of one of the prune hamantaschen and captioned it:

“Prune Hamantaschen … Warrior Snack”

Zev Steinhardt

Which reminds me that I want to make some too…

The funny thing was that the prune hamantaschen sort of looked like the Klingon symbol. :cool:

I always like to see these threads, mainly to see how your kids have grown. Is your little guy sporting a BEARD now? Holy smokes!

How come your kids got older, but I didn’t?


Thanks for this, Zev. Our best to you and your family.


My oldest can grow most of his beard if he wants too. My younger one has some hairs coming in on his cheek/chin. Yeah, it sometimes freaks us out too. :slight_smile:

Zev Steinhardt

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about you, but I certainly got older. Over the time of those pictures, I got older, thinner and fat again. :slight_smile:

Zev Steinhardt