The Steinhardts Bake Hamantaschen -- The 10th Anniversary Edition

Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year again… Purim is rapidly approaching and as per our annual tradition, the Steinhardts have once again baked hamantaschen. And, as I have been doing for the past ten years, I am once again boring you all with the pictures. :slight_smile:

So, without further ado, here are this year’s pics.

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Zev Steinhardt

You have very lovely children. They always look so happy each year when you start a thread about your family.


I’m Jewish and my husband’s Irish. We did the hamantashen the other day. We’ll have them with the corned beef and Irish soda bread tonight.


/me leads a resounding chorus of “Tradition

I made the dough and the filling yesterday, and will do the actual rolling/filling/folding/baking tonight. I feel like everybody else got there ahead of me this year :slight_smile:

I look forward to this thread every year. Everybody looks like they’re having so much fun in the pictures.

Here’s mine! Just pulled out of the oven.

Thanks for sharing these photos again!

My daughter just brought home the ultimate in multicultural bad ideas: green bagels.


Have a very happy Purim!

Just looked at 2011 and then 2002. My how they’ve grown!

Yeah, it amazes me too… :slight_smile:

Zev Steinhardt

Howcum they got so big, and I didn’t age a day? :slight_smile:

Seriously, zev, it is really cool that you share this with us every year. You make this a better board.

Have a blessed Purim.


I bought some Hamantaschen at a local deli the other day, and thought of you, Zev. :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that I asked this question in one of the previous threads, but I don’t remember. Do you use poppy seeds or fruit for the filling?

This year, we used Lemon, poppy seed and apricot. No one in our home really likes the apricot too much, but we did it as a favor to my stepmother who will be with us in Brooklyn for Purim this year.

Zev Steinhardt

This year I’m Mordechai in the purimspiel. One of my kids is an assassin and the other is an adviser to the king. Final dress rehearsal is tonight!

I love Hamantaschen, and yours look really delicious! Enjoy!!

And don’t forget, when we get so drunk that we cannot tell the difference between blessing Mordechai and cursing Haman, we are following G-d’s will! :smiley:

My husband was trying to explain to me that the only holiday based around drinking is St. Patrick’s Day.



I’m very pregnant this year so drinking’s out. Have one (or two or three or four!) on me! I’ll be here eating all the apricot hamantashen Zev doesn’t want.

Would you believe that I’ve never been drunk in my life? That includes Purim or any other day.

Zev Steinhardt

This is one of my favorite annual traditions here. It’s great to see them having so much fun and to see how they’ve grown.

How can it be that Avraham already has the beginnings of a beard?

Thanks again for sharing, Zev!