Guess who COMPLETELY embarrassed himself at work today? That's right, me

Actually it was kinda cool, because the cute woman who I sorta like talked to me for a good bit after it happened. But enough mushy stuff, on to the embarrassment.

For those who don’t know, I’m working as a multi-packer for L.L. Bean. Occasionally we will have slow periods where we punch onto “downtime” and don’t pack anything out. That happened today, for about 1 1/2 hours. My pod was way down at the far end of the multi-pack line, and I didn’t have a pod partner for the first part of the day.

Anway, we go on downtime and I decided to listen to the mix CD that my friend had given me. Turns out it was bunch of mainly (rock) guitar instrumentals/solos. So I’m listening and I start air-guitaring. I was fairly calm and subtle at first, but then Cliffs Of Dover by Eric Johnson kicked in and I sort of "went with it.’ Eric Johnson gave way to Eruption by Van Halen.

Suddenly I get that horrible feeling you get when you are acting foolish and you realize that someone is watching you. I looked up and there were 15 people crowded in and around my pod, clapping and laughing and holding lighters aloft, including all three of my sub-boss and my top boss.

How small did I feel?

Smaller then this, that’s for damn sure.

I took off my headphones and Ray, one of the team leaders said, “Play Freebird.”

I said, “Only if you sing.” (That’s a bit of an inside joke.)

Well, that broke everyone up, but word got around quick and people were dropping by my pod with requests.

But then on break, while I was semi-moping in my pod, seeing as I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone, the woman, Charity who I kinda like, came into my pod and asked if I actually played the guitar. Which led to my giving her the very short version of While Supplies Last or “Ben’s 7 Years As Lead Singer In A Regionally Famous Rock band, Which End When The Other 3 Members Of The Band All Die Within An 18 Month Period.”

I ended up walking her out to her car, which was nice.:slight_smile:

Anyhoo, just thought I’d share.

You can pack some Clothes and Shoes to send to me.

I love L. L. Bean.

Could you do “Smoke on the Water”?

Know any Jerry Cantrell?

Are you looking to turn pro or just freelance?

I’m a puzzle editor. One of my better clues was for “lip sync” – I clued it “Accompany an air guitar solo.”

You could have told her you just got back from Finland.

Finland Finland Finland.
The country where I want to be
Eating breakfast or dinner
Or snack lunch in the hall.
Finland Finland Finland.
Finland has it all.