Guess Who Has Barack Obama Quaking in His Boots?

Christine O’Donnell, that’s who!

From a letter to her supporters:

Delusion: the gift that keeps on giving. . . .

Tea Party. Why am I not surprised.

I’m so glad that Christine now has time to devote to her real job, which was… oh never mind.


I’m guessing “liberal” is now defined as “people who don’t agree with me”.

That doesn’t seem much of a change. What does look promising is the coming battle between the tea-party wing and the old conservative wing of the GOP.

Her primary means of support seems to have been living off of campaign contributions for the last several years. This new “PAC” is apparently just a way to try to keep some income flowing in. Notice she isn’t saying she’ll run for anything, and what she says she will do is pretty vague. This kind of letter is just a way to pay the rent for her.

Oh, was that a real letter or an email, 'cause I would really like to get on her mailing list if it is snail mail!

(Real letters are more expensive, right?)

I do believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard that phrase. I’m not quite sure what to make of it. It is a thing of wonder and puzzlement. Here there be heffalumps.

I think we should try to nurture the notion and keep it going. You can see the cracks in the GOP. The nutters are slowly getting more and more control.

There’s something to this. However, I still don’t think Palin will win any nomination.

Palin’s new book tanked and a public appearance just had to be canceled because they couldn’t sell enough tickets, even after slashing them to half price, to pay her speaker fee. As I said in another thread, I think Palin has vaulted the chondrichthyes. The tea partiers have tired of her. She’s like the Adam Archuleta of politics. She’s so 2009. The tea partiers liked her when they were in 8th grade, but now they’re in tenth grade. They’re into Michele Bachmann now. She’s edgier, and batshit as she is, at least she’s not afraid to talk to the media.

Again, there certainly could be something to that, but if Ms. Palin starts working the Mama Grizzly mantle more and puts herself out there as the kingmaker, roads still flow through her, I guess.

She’s also hotter. Really, I’m baffled at why anyone thought that Palin was attractive. I mean, yeah, she looks a little like Tina Fey, but not enough.

Ehh? :dubious: Well, to each their own I guess. But I’d hit goofy over crazed any day. In fact, the only thing I do like about SP is her (relative) hotness, 'specially when she wears those tight jeans. Got that nice firm runner’s body dontcha know. If she’d just learn to wiggle her butt more and open her mouth less she might actually acquire a following:D

Bill Maher’s show is in the middle of its run and I’m sure that he’d be happy to have her on, so if she wants a national appearance, he could help.

Just came to say that “liberal-controlled GOP establishment” is a term I never would have expected to read.

So if liberals now control the GOP establishment, then what the hell is going on? This is akin to hyperinflation, only the line between ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ (or is it ‘true believer’?) is accelerating its movement rightwards.
Yah I know I’m cracking jokes, but seriously, someone please explain what a liberal is as of 2/11. If the date is too vague, just look at the time stamp in 3…2…1…

Had to google chondrichthyes. I lolled.

Same here. I Wikied it. I quite literally LOLed.

Also, she’s far more capable dealing with the media than is Palin, in a I-can-answer-questions-that-AREN’T-on the-little-blue-cards kind of way.

Re: Hotness? Sarah out does Bachmann by a mile IMO.

I report, you decide.