Guesses at the next news about the Capitol invasion

There is a black senator (or congressman?) saying they ignored his office with his name on and went directly to an unmarked office he frequents that’s quite out of the way, and only a few people are aware he uses.

The female who had the panic buttons disconnected in her office? Also black.

The more footage comes out, it shows lots of cops standing among the horde looking calm and like they’re all pals.

Recon tours, requests for more manpower denied, delay in getting the DOD called in, etc.

Individually they each seem perhaps an oversight, but together they seem much more nefarious somehow.

I’m a titch nervous about what could be happening at the inauguration.

She is white. It was Sarah Groh, chief-of-staff for Rep. Pressley.

Miller, and not the witless Trump, will be seen as the hidden hand behind it all.
It is damn near 100% from the Nazi playbook, after all.

Ayanna Presley, is BLACK.
And her buttons were disabled too!

This. The FBI is very, very good at the Prisoner’s Dilemma–much better than most (probably any) of these folks.

They just believe they are too damn important to go through a metal detector as their constituents do whenever they enter a Federal building.
Is it illegal for Congress people to carry? Several are know to do so.

My fantasy:

“Radical Right Wing Attack on Inauguration Brutally Quelled”

AP - “An attempt in force by right wing radicals to attack the inauguration was repulsed when government forces killed, wounded and captured virtually all of the attackers. The specific groups they represent have been identified, and a massive government response is already underway as camps, headquarters, and even gathering spots are being raided and the occupants killed or captured.”

Thanks to Trump’s own Executive Order in June, the FBI & DOJ can credibly threaten these bozos with 10 years just for vandalism of Federal property. I’m not suggesting that’s fair punishment for the chumps, but I’m all in favor of using it as leverage to get them to talk, to find the more sinister actors who weren’t stupid enough to take selfies.

Mine, too. Even though it makes us no better than them.

And if it that unearths evidence that Congresspeople and other insiders helped plan it? Treason charges and firing squads.

How many panic buttons are there in Congressional offices?
How many other offices had the button damaged?

update… apparently some 1967 bill does carve out an exception for Congresspeople…

Well, according to Washington DC concealed carry laws, they CAN do so, if they’ve registered their guns and got the license, which includes safety training requirements.

In addition, they’re specifically restricted from carrying in the following areas (among many others):

  • The public memorials on the National Mall and along the Tidal Basin, and any area where firearms are prohibited under federal law or by a federal agency or entity, including U.S. Capitol buildings and grounds;
  • The White House Complex and its grounds, up to and including the curb of the adjacent sidewalks touching the roadways of the area bounded by Constitution Avenue, N.W.; 15th Street, N.W.; H Street, N.W.; and 17th Street, N.W.

And anywhere else prohibited by Federal law.

So if there’s not some exception carved out for Congresspeople, they’re breaking the law.

District of Columbia Concealed Carry Gun Laws: CCPL & Reciprocity | USCCA(Last Updated 11/11/2020) (

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Apparently there’s a proviso or something in some dusty old 1967 Federal law prohibiting people from bringing guns into the Capitol that carves out an exception for Congresspeople.

So yeah, it’s apparently legal it turns out.

They don’t get first dibs on donuts at committee sessions.

I don’t think you will hear these news. In fact I read in the Times that the two seargents-at-arms told them not to come “Because the optics would be bad.” Of course, they have both resigned.

I expect to read that Boebert will be charged (and maybe removed from office) for having tweeted the location of Pelosi’s office. to murder would be a reasonable charge.

Just for the record, hanging has traditionally been the form of execution for treason.