Guinness Drinkers: A Close Shave!

There’s been a fire at the Dublin Guinness Brewery, but it doesn’t seem to have been that severe. Enjoy your Christmas Guinness.

Bloody hell, that’s huge.

Who makes a roof out of felt???

Anyone who wants to.

I presume it’s roofing felt (and an ignorant reporter), not the fuzzy stuff.

I used to be a big Guinness drinker; my main drink for quite a while. It was the most common ‘dark beer’ available in local bars. But I moved on; nothing wrong with it, but I have a tendency to change up my main suds. I discovered brown ales and oatmeal stouts, to my present joy.

Oatmeal stouts. Like drinking a divine ashtray.

I still like Alec Guinness, though.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness. Carry on.