Gus Van Sant's Last Days

I searched and didn’t see an earlier thread. Rented the movie yesterday and have lots of questions. Just a few to start with …

  1. Were there two houses? The one where the 4 friends lived and then his?

  2. Or did the friends leave and then come back?

  3. What happenned to the girl with the big black glasses? Was she one of the four and just indistinguishable from the guy with the big black glasses?

  4. Why a movie full of drugged out people but absolutely no evidence of drug usage?

I realize some of the confusion is that the movie is not in chronological order yet not done using flash-backs either.

PS I tried not to spoil anything above cuz I can’t figure out how to “box” them.

For a sec, there, I thought Gus Van Sant had died.