Guy carrying sign behind Roger Stone

When MSNBC shows a clip of Roger Stone, it’s often of him and his wife arriving at court, followed by a guy carrying a sign. The text of the sign is always cut off. Who is the guy and what does the sign say? I googled it and it is NOT Frank Chu. Here’s a picture of the guy.

This ABC video on Youtube shows most of the sign:
Guerrilla Warfare Marketing

I haven’t visited the website to learn more about the organization.

Thank you, Baal Houtham! This has been bugging me for weeks!

I saw it today on MSNBC I think. I checked and is a website that offers tours of Washington DC focused on the African American experience.

I guess Guerilla Warfare Marketing is the group that creates these ads and then gets them in front of eyeballs by taking them to newsworthy events like the Stone sentencing. Quite clever, imho.

Kind of like MSNBC themselves, eh? I mean, they run ads during the news, don’t they?

Why would he carry his sign at only Stone-related events?

They get paid for those ads.

For all we know he may be carrying it everywhere. But it makes sense to try to horn in on the biggest media stories of the day, and the Roger Stone trial is one of those.

It also has the advantage (for companies like this) that it has a schedule and parts of it are being recorded on public streets.

Who said it was ONLY at Stone-related events?

How do you know Frank? Do you live here (SF)?

No, just found him by Googling. Also it turns out Frank Chu has a Wikipedia page.

That sign was way too normal and well-made to be one of Frank’s!

reminds me of the John 3:16 sign guy. He’s now serving 3 life sentences since 1992. He turned down a plea deal of 12 years