Guys: Over the top or through the hole?

My buddy and I have had a long running debate on this. At a urinal (or wherever) do you go over the top of your underwear band, or through the hole in front? Personally, I go over the top; it’s quicker, and easier for the coordinationally impaired. My buddy on the other hand, will spend the extra time fiddling around his front to go through the hole. He said using the OTT method its too easy to have your hand slip, and you end up squirting the ceiling, or soaking your underwear. Also, he says its harder to “shake” enough so you don’t drip when zipped up again. Personally I think this is bogus; I don’t drip any more than when I used the hole method, and lets face it, what are the odds of you letting go in midstream with the unpleasant results he forsees? Anyway, I just want to open up the debate, and see where others stand.


Make it easier on yourself go commando.

Been done recently.

[and for that reason I’m locking this off :)]

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