A men's pee pee inquiry. Not tmi, I promise.

Heh heh.
Does any man actually use that little slot in the front of their skivvies? I mean, do you pull “it” out through the slot to piss?
If so, is that how your dad taught you to do it?

No. Too much trouble.

Be it boxers or boxerbriefs…over the top is the rule around here. How can anyone pee with your unit in a “Z?”

That would be a “Zed” for you Limeys. :smiley:

I don’t use the Z slot, but I do have some briefs which have a horizontal hole in them which is much much easier to use and I do make use of it.

Over the top always. I think I’m in the minority here, but I usually let the boys get some air when I pee too.

Naa, dnooman, I let the whole package out as well.

Except for this one pair of boxers I own. It just always seems to want to slip out the front slit of those anyway, so I humor it.

I use the slot. One of many advantages of having a small penis.


I wear mine backwards and only use the slot when I’m taking a dump.

Holy Cow! You must have some excellent aim out the back!

For me, sometimes the slot, sometimes over the top.

Typically, I pee through the slot. And I wasn’t “taught” in any particular way, I just sorta… figured it out on my own.

I used to go over the top, but at some point (in my adult life) I switched. I don’t think I was taught either way.

I use the slot. The less disruption of my general pantal crotchoid area, the better, IMHO.

I usually go over the top but I have occasionally used the slot if I’m in too much of a hurry to undo a belt or I have some particularly troublesome buttons at the top.

Doesn’t that make it difficult to press up on the vas to get that last drop out?

You guys can pee through a skivvy while you’re wearing it? I’m impressed. Mine don’t even have slots in them.

I never learned how to use the slit. :confused:

Public school education screwed me over again… :frowning:

I usually wear briefs, but very rarely use the fly - as we call it around here. (Where did that term come from, BTW?) I prefer to pull them down about halfway to my knees. I don’t like my “wee friend” (“wee” only in the voiding sense :wink: ) being displaced by anything while doing the job. I prefer having a full range of motion with which to aim, and nothing too close which could conceivably disrupt the stream.

As for boxers, with a shirt, that’s all I usually wear while hanging around the bachelor’s pad. (It’s just me and my grandfather. I do put pants on when company comes by. Usually. :slight_smile: ) If my boxers are loose enough I often just pull one leg-hole open and void out the side. (A number of my boxers are made of a stretchy material; and I often sit cross-legged at the computer, which tends to make them quite floppy after a while.)

I also use a very particular hand-grip while voiding. I use both hands, and hold my friend at its base with the ends of both middle finger (underneath) and both thumbs (on top). I then hold my friend’s headly gently between the tips of both index fingers. Aim… and fire. :o (That would be an expression of relief.)

Also, while socializing, if I have to go to the washroom, I’ll gracefully make my exit after announcing, “Bladder full. Must void.” (My sister’s a nurse; I picked up the terminology from her. It’s become one of my trademark phrases.)

Oh. And just in case anyone is wondering - I never use wall urinals. If I have to use a public washroom, I’ll always use a toilet stall. I also wipe my friend with toilet paper after voiding. (But, I never, ever sit down on a toilet in a public washroom unless it’s a truly urgent situation.)


Isn’t the slit there for scratchin’?

From tent flies. Back in the 19th century, the “fly” of a tent was an extra canvas that served as an additional cover. It was so-called because all of the edges were in the air – fastened to pegs with long lines. (For comparison, the “fly” of a flag is the edge away from the pole.) Somehow, by the early part of the 20th century, the designator “fly” was shifted to an extra flap of canvas that covered the entrance of the tent.

After that, similar contrivances on the front of pants started to be called “flies.”

Ah! Thank you Mr. Mudd. Now I can pee in total comfort without that stray question popping into my mind and distracting me from my task. :smiley: