Guys, try this on your pals (assuming they're not humor-impaired)!

Phone rang at about 10:30 last night.

Friend: “What has a small dick and hangs down?”

Me: “Uh…Dubya?”

Friend: “Ha ha…No, a monkey. Now, what has a big dick and hangs up?”

Me: “…I dunno.”


I wish I could employ that rolling-head smiley they have over at Fathom! The thing is, you walk right into it because you hear the click before you fully absorb the implication of “hangs up”.

A buddy of Friend’s from San Fran pulled it on him. Friend didn’t waste any time calling us to pass it on. Mr. Rilch was already asleep at that time, but I got Friend to promise he’ll pull it on him tomorrow. I hope I’m around when he does!

That’s pretty good. If I didn’t have to call long-distance to talk to everyone I know I would do that to all my friends tonight.

L-O-L :smiley:

Heh. Let’s see…who to call…