gytalf2000, are you a serial killer waiting to happen?

In this he reveals that:

Ok, we’ve already establisted that you’re a sick fuck.

Then you post on the same SD boards:

Unconscious women with no rape? Sure! Motherfuckin CREEPY.

The only thing you’re missing is Chris Hansen, cunt.

Do you have any concept of fantasy? Lots of people have fantasies about things that they would never do in real life. gytalf isn’t talking about actually raping women.

If other peoples fetishes bother you so much you should probably avoid reading threads with titles like ‘Porn, Strange Sexual Fantasies/Urges, and the Pre-Internet Days’

Johnny Hildo, if you knew half of what your most normal friends think about in their off hours you would wet your little pants.

Eh…whatever. A lot of people have fucked-up fetishes that would land them in jail, or worse, if they ever tried to realize their fantasy scenarios in reality. The vast majority of those people are aware of that — and typically don’t actually want to hurt anybody anyway — and so confine their expressions of their desires either to themselves, or to forums with a greater degree of anonymity. Say, an internet message board, for example.

I won’t name this board’s most prominent example, but I’m sure he’ll be by at some point. Cheers, you hentai-lovin’ fool daddy. :slight_smile:

But see that’s Johnny Hildo’s fetish.

Wow, the ACLU bitches are out in full force, I see.

gyr, were your parents loving, supportive people? Cuz I also had a bondage fetish when I was 8. Yup, seeing those bound and gagged Charlie’s Angels girls was just about the most excitiing thing I could ever see. Until I saw actual female nudity when I was 10. Then I got past it. You’re almost 50. Have you ever kissed a woman, Mr. Arrested Development? Do females even exist as living beings in your world and not for your violent rape fantasies that involve massive head injuries? When you move into a neighborhood, are you required by law to indentify youself with a LEVEL 3 adjective of any kind? You’re a creepy fuck, dude.

Hildo, you’re a 35-year-old who fetishizes a freaking cartoon to point of throwing a screaming tantrum when someone likes episodes you don’t consider worthy. Now that’s creepy.

Johnny Hildo, look, a lot of people seem to dislike a lot of what you have to say but I actually like a lot of your posts and I think you’re a good guy, if a bit abrasive. Let me just explain this, though - you can never really judge someone on their sexual fantasies if all they are are fantasies. If this guy is actually planning on going out and acting on his fantasies, then yes, he’s one sick fuck. But if it’s just in his head, I really think there’s nothing to be upset about. If there’s one thing that I can say with regard to sexuality, it’s that people get turned on by every damn thing under the sun, and there’s nothing they or anyone else can do about it. Sexuality is a vast and complicated thing and there are many different things that influence it. Who knows what might have happened in someone’s early childhood that made them be turned on by some random thing - but once it’s formed, that’s that, basically. You can’t really hold it against them, especially if they’re being honest enough to talk about it with others.

As long as nobody gets hurt and everyone’s a consenting adult, anything goes sexually, as far as I’m concerned. And you never know who’s going to have what secret fetish - it could be anyone, your neighbor, your family, whoever.

Dear God, I responded to you in that other thread not knowing you’ve pitted the poor honest fool.

Johnny, have we not been paying enough attention to you recently?

All research on sexual development can stop now. We are finally aware that everybody in the world must develop along similar lines to Johnny Hildo. Thank goodness our long nightmare of research and understanding is over!

You know that’s why they’re called “fantasies,” right?

But I don’t want to stop jerking off into the ice machines at five star hotels!


What you do in your own head or with a consenting partner or partners is your own business.

The most objectionable thing I find about gytalf is the over use of exclamation marks. This makes a perfectly OK (and pretty common) fantasy sound much creepier, because I’m reading it as all breathless and over-excited.

It’s essentially a bondage fantasy, big deal. As long I don’t bump into him in a dark alley with a chloroform soaked facecloth, I don’t give a rat’s ass what he likes to jerk off to.

“Hi, sweetie! Say, you’re something in the medical line, aren’t you - does this handkerchief smell like ether to you?”



slinks away

Oh, and Johnny Hildo is a fool.

I think it was the ‘serial killer’ thing that was a bit of a logical leap.

Still I don’t think this compares to 50-year-old obese trannies. I also think bukkake and piss porn is totally sick. Big deal. I’ve had my porn tastes insulted too, but hell, it’s my porn, you don’t have to watch it.

Apropos nothing, but everytime I see the term “serial killer” I have these fantasies of clubbing Snap, Crackle and Pop to death.

Mellivora capensis worries me. With thoughts like those he may be a cereal killer waiting to happen.

I’d pit gytalf for being lame, not pervy.

Just kidding, I’d never bother pitting him. Grow up, Johnny.

Dude, I was sexually assaulted, and I still can tell the difference between “fun fantasy turn-on” of bondage and that kind of thing, versus real, actual violence. Why can’t you? It’s not real, so quit minimizing true violence versus women by sickos by comparing it to thoughts that turn some people on or fun bedroom games. Leave folks with kinks to their kinks, and go enjoy your plain sex.