Ha, ha, ha! All your heatwaves are belong to us!

Currently, at around 12 noon, on July 17, it is 69 degrees F where I live. As long as it’s not too windy, and the sun is shining, it’s nice sitting outside. Step into the shade, or let the wind pick up and brrrrrrrr. We are routinely the coldest place in all of the USA in the summer.

Ha, ha, ha! How’s your weather?

I run my heat in July. Serious, not kidding. Had the heat on last night. It gets friggin’ cold here. June, July, August. Cold! I don’t even know what air conditioning is, except stepping outside.

But it just might be 79 degrees F on December 25th. :stuck_out_tongue:


Monterey, eh? My So went there this year and came back in love with the place. He never wanted to leave.

Currently 101 but feels like 99, we should top out around 111. Stockton, CA 12:30 pm

Oh hush. You and those fogged-in folks in Pacifica need to just jump into the ocean and be quiet.

Ooh, ocean cold. Thinking about it makes me want to put on at least a 7mm wetsuit. The hermit crabs are great this time of year though. You dangle your bare feet in the water and they nibble all your rough dead skin ickiness off.

Wait, wait, wait…Hermit crabs will eat the dead skin off of feet? Like little, animatronic pumice stones? Does it hurt? I have rough heels sometimes, but I can still feel with the skin.

Yup, they love it. Every once in awhile a larger one will take a bigger bite. Not enough to make you say “ow!” but hard enough to make you say “hey! Quit that! Just eat the dead stuff, I still need that foot!”

I was going to make a weather comment, but seeing as the conversation has turned to dead-foot skin, I think I’ll just go quietly barf somewhere.


I have relatives in Monterey. Went to visit one year for Thanksgiving, and I must say that I have never been so cold in my entire life (and I have lived in Chicago for most of it!). It wasn’t freezing cold outside, but it was chilly and damp…and the INSIDES of buildings did not appear to be heated at all. I shivered pretty much the whole trip, and couldn’t wait to get home and turn my heat on! :slight_smile: I guess it all has to do with what you are used to.

I realize that many folks are suprised by the heat this year, but here in Austin, it’s the same ol’ same ol’. It was around 100 yesterday, It’s around 100 today. It’ll be around 100 tomorrow and for all the tomorrows until about the end of Sept. And it’s not the dry kind of heat, it’s the hot kind of heat.

Denver averages one 100 degree day every two years. We had two of them in June, Saturday was 101, yesterday was 103, and tomorrow is forecast at 101.

Today we get a reprieve, it is only 94.

All our heatwaves are belong to you?!?

Ha, I burning your San Bernadino!

When come back, bring A/C.

It’s only 95 in Milwaukee, but it feels like 109.
Seriously, type in 53220 for the zip and you’ll get the heat index rating.
The humidity isn’t rated in percent, it’s rated in PSI.

99 degrees at the moment. Now is when I’m extra-glad for this.

I dunno, it feels a little muggier this year. I was out on the lake at 5:30 this morning and I was sweating my ass off. But, yeah, I’m always shocked when I read about horrible heat waves and then the annoucer says something like “and they predict another day of *92 * degrees”.

Yes. We frequently hear two things from tourists. One, “it’s so nice and cool here. It’s 100 degrees where we’re from! You’re so lucky!” Then, a few hours later they’re wearing coats and saying “OMG, how can you be wearing nothing but shorts and a T-shirt?? It’s freezing!!”

That’s Monterey.

Just wait until the Big One comes and they’ll all be swimming with the fishes.

Yup. Same way up here in the D/FW area. It’s unusually hot, but not uncommonly hot, if that makes sense. Basically it’s about as hot as it ever gets during any given summer, but not any hotter.

It should cool down after a week or so, back to highs in the mid-upper 90’s with lows between 75-80 until about the end of September.