Brrr! It's -5 and we've had a crackerjack frost overnight

The lawn is crunchy with ice and it’s really quite chilly. I love this time of year.

Me too. Well, I love the time of year you are having when we have it here. I am a cool weather person. I’m not lovin this time of year with the weather we are having here…

Luckily for me, it’s too damn hot for envy. Otherwise I’d be jealous as hell.
-Harborwolf. Also a cold weather person.

My co-worker took great pleasure in informing everyone today that it was approximately 10 degrees hotter here than in Zimbabwe.

Can I steal just a bit of that frost?

If you’re givin’ away frost, please send some to Georgia. I am already melting and it’s only June. I’m going to be in serious trouble in August.

Can you send some to Missouri? Some twatwaffle backed into our air conditioning unit and the landlord can’t get it fixed until Monday. It’s so humid insects are drowning in mid-flight.

All you big babies! Keep the cold, I’m lovin’ the heat.

prances around in gorgeous 85 degree weather

I dare you to come here and say that. It’s currently 104 out. Thank og for no errands to run, AC, and The Shining on TV right now.

It’s a very nice, comfortable maaaaybe 70 degrees here right now.

About 75 to 80 at the MOST is all I can stand for heat.

You folks with your 100 degree weather can just keep it!

See, that’s what I expected when my wife and I drove through Tucson on our honeymoon. We took a driving tour of the Southwest in August, expecting, you know, heat and dryness and picturesque desert stuff.

Instead the temperatures were in the low 70s and it rained the whole time. Still, we had fun.

I have made a bargain with several people I know- I will give them my summer, and take their winters. I’ll have about a week of 25 to 30, and the rest of the year will be under 15. That would be ideal.

I frigging hate summer. I spent an hour on a patio today with a bunch of imbeciles who like heat. Aagh.

I’d love to give someone our spring and autumn, and get more summer or winter in return. I’ve figured out that I like dry weather, no matter what the temperature.

'Fraid not. I so rarely get to experience this type of weather that I’m going to hog it all to myself while I’ve got it. :slight_smile: It’s almost 10.30am now and the temperature has skyrocketed to 4 degrees. It’s a picture perfect, still, sunny winter’s morning. We’re all off for a brisk walk.

You do realize that August is the middle of monsoon, don’t you? I’m so looking forward to it this year. As long as I don’t have to drive in it, that is.

Hmpf. Now you tell me.

Bastard! It was like 30 today!

And you!


Oh noes! Our igloos will melt!

starts hitching up sled dogs to make for the North Pole to fetch ice

Hah. Can you imagine an igloo in downtown Toronto in July? Amid the Spadina Chinatown, maybe? With the delightful scent of rotting fish and garbage, 35 plus humidity, and thousands of people out in shorts clutching water bottles to stave off death by dehydration?
Bring some of that ice, willya?

Lissla(cuddling her air conditioner and waiting for October)

I went to the beach today, and proceeded to get turned into a Lobster. apparently my sunscreen application skills SUCK. So I’m suffering horribly right now. I mean, seriously - this is pain.

Sold. I’ll take 104 over anything under 60.