Hacking in Video Games

Cracked had a Photoshop contest about video games and one of them referenced how hacking works in video games (Entry #14 found here). I know I have played at least two of the games he was referencing (specifically the middle two) but I’m having a brain cramp. Can anyone ID the four games in question?

Also, do you generally enjoy mini games within games like hacking etc. I do usually as long as they aren’t tedious or over used.

The last one is Fallout 3/NV or one of its DLCs. I know for a fact that I’ve played the one labelled “match up”, but I for the life of me can’t remember what it is.

“Frogger” is from the original Mass Effect; “Match up” is from Mass Effect 2.

Click “Article View” in the upper right if you don’t want to use a crappy interface, and also read the text in some of these. Even so I still can’t read “match up.” It looks familiar, but haven’t played Mass Effect, so maybe I just saw a screen shot.

That doesn’t look like Fallout. Here it is. Essentially Mastermind or Bulls and Cows, with some additions, and no cows.

Then there’s Bioshock, which needs you to be a plumber/play Pipe Dream/Mania, or Bioshock 2, which requires you to a) having timing, and b) not be colorblind. System Shock 2 was connecting “ICE” nodes. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one that attempts to do a simplified version of actual network architecture, 80s style.

ETA: comments say that one of the Batmans is the background image.

No, the last one is Alpha Protocol. Fallout had more of a Mastermind minigame rather than “find a word in the jumble”. The middle two are both Mass Effect (1 and 2). No idea for the first one. And yeah, the background is either of the three Arkham games (though I’d guess Origins based on the hand texture)

You’re right, guess the colors are similar and got me confused.

The recent Shadowrun game had a fun hacking approach. Its basically your normal turn-based combat, but in cyberworld. So there are no guns, and you run much farther per turn, and mostly fight ICs. Enemy hackers only show up if you trigger an alarm.

Thanks so much for reminding me it was Mass effect 1 and 2. I knew I had played both but just could not remember where.