Metro 2033

It’s supposed to be part Fallout 3, part Bioshock and part Stalker.

So, has anyone tried it? What is it like? How long is it?

I have it on the pc. I really liked it, and would recommend it if you like atmospheric first person shooters. It took me nine hours to beat it.

Although it shares some similar themes and settings as those games you mentioned, I think it’s best compared to Half Life 2 as far as gameplay goes, as it has a similar mix of combat and scripted sequences, and is just as linear.

I’ve heard some hype and seen some videos of it, too. Ars Technica’s reviewof it was rather interesting, too.

From the videos and reviews it reminds me quite a lot of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., particularly the plinky acoustic guitars.

That said, the AI is apparently terrible, and I’m saving up for New Vegas. If I can get it cheap later on I might have a look.