Had (pathetically) disappointing experience last night?

Was talking to one of my roommate’s friends. He went to my HS, but was 2 years behind. I peppered him with names I knew, seeing if he knew them. (I’ve had similiar conversations with other roomies) I mentioned a girl, whom I would pursue if I could do HS over again. I found out she had a bf in HS! This surprised me, only in that I assumed that she, like my original HS crush, was too busy/studious for boys. I hold out faint hope we were talking about two different girls. “Why it matters now?”, you ask. I can’t really say.

I’m not asking a quesion! My bad

Can we post our own pathetically disappointing experiences from last night or no? Because I think mine is maybe a little more interesting. At least it is to me.

go for it Otto! BTW, I SUCK as a storyteller!

Well, it actually requires a little backstory. As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I go to strip shows in town. About a month ago I went to one in Milwaukee because I had promised my stripper buddy I would catch his Sunday night show if I ever had a Monday off. One of the other dancers that night, Sugar Shane (really) I knew from shows in Madison. Generally seemed nice enough but of late had been presenting himself in a more mercenary light (asking me to buy him birthday presents and the like) and getting pissy if I didn’t buy a lap dance from him. Anyway, so he’s at the MKE show and he swiped three dollars that I had on my knee while I was getting ready to tip him two. I held out my hand for the money back and he handed me two back, claiming that there were only two. After a short but uncomfortable pause he handed back the other dollar. I tipped him the two I was going to anyway (I tip with $2 bills, sort of a trademark) and that was the last tip he’s getting from me. I’m always generous and the idea that he tried to get away with ripping me off, even for a dollar, was disgusting.

Flash forward to last night. This was the first night I’d gotten to talk to him again in Madison and I was itching for him to hit me up for a tip so I could explain exactly why I wasn’t going to. Problem was I think he sensed that I was not going to be tipping him so he didn’t hit me up for one. So I was pathetically disappointed in not getting to tell him off. I was also pathetically disappointed to realize that even if I did tell him off, he would probably shrug it off as “oh well, plenty of other suckers I can play.”

On the plus side, I did get to insult him with the bartender. Shane was lying on the bar having people do body shots off him and I said to the bartender “looks like you have some trash piled up on the bar, hope you have some Formula 409.” To which the bartender replied, “409 nothing, I have bleach.”