hag, hag, hag...SHADDAP ALREADY!

Seems like everytime I open MPSIMS, it’s hag this and hag that, hag hag hag.
Enough with all this hag shit, okay? I think three threads to celebrate estrogen is two too many.
Or, if we must have multiple girly threads, then let us at least space them out so I can stop puking on my keyboard everytime I check my favorite forum.

Is it too much to ask? I am not saying stop or trying to legislate anyones opinion or opress anyone or anything like that.

I am simply saying that too much of anything sucks, even if that something is good. I like a piece of er, ah, chocolate cake as much as the next man, but too much makes me sick!

So please, pretty please, with sugar on top, go to a baby shouwer already or something.
Or otherwise get it out of your system.
But stop polluting our dear MPSIMS with all that flowerly girly feminist crap…
We get the point already.

Down with the hags

Hag protest now in effect

hag hag hag hag hag hag hag hag hag hag hag hag hag hag
haghag haghag hag hag hag hag hag haghag
HAG HAG HAG Hag hAg haG HAG hag hAG haghag HaG HaG hag
hag HAG Hag HaG hAg haghaghag hAG haG hag hag
hag HAG haG hAG Hag hAg hag hag haghag HaG HAG

BTW, Lexi, I want to take the opportunity (before it is too late) to tell you that I think you are very, very brave.

Foolish, but very, very brave.

I mean, you’ve gone and offered yourself as a sacrifice on the altar of Insulted Females Possibly Suffering From PMS. I’m not gonna join in - I’m gonna sit back and watch the fun!

Lessee - got my lounge chair and a blender full of margaritas - guess I better restock on cheesy poofs before the crowd gets here.

Anybody want to start a pool on how many quivering little shreds of Lexicon there will be in, say, 24 hours?

JFTR, wild horses couldn’t drag me to a baby shower.

Not so much the baby shower bit, but the 47 hag-related threads do seem redundant.

And concrete? You should probably just give it a rest. Thank you.

Word, Lexicon. I say we get medieval on their Hag arses and burn them! If anything, for old time’s sake :smiley:


Now we’ve really made it, Hags! Not only are we taking over MPSIMS, but our influence is starting to spread into other forums!

Hags on the rag?

Do I really have to point out the irony of Lex starting his own hag thread? It seems that it is not the women starting all of these threads. I believe (though I could be wrong) only one of these threads was started by someone of the better sex.

Since this is the pit, I should say something like “fuck you, Lex” but that would be wishing him more hag action and we wouldn’t want that.

Well, that didn’t take too long.

After two months of MPSIMS being loaded with nothing but(Nifty Thing) by (Some Poster) threads, I would think that this could be found refreshing.

This is the first “hag thread” I’ve ever even opened. Why I don’t know. Didn’t mess with the others because I don’t consider myself a hag. Hags are old and narly with lots of warts. I don’t even have one. Plenty of time later for me to become a hag in 10 or so years. Personally right now I consider myself a bitch.


“Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto”…Movie quote…Delores Claiborne

So then where is the bitch thread?

Had I been around when Congress was debating giving women the vote, I would have given them some useful advice, like:

No! Don’t do it! Keep them in the kitchen. Otherwise they’re going to get uppity and pretend they’re our equals.

Give them hardwood floors and only an occassional beating and they’ll be happy.

As for the hags stuff, I have no problem with it, just like I had no problem with the “Guy Thread.”
They’re having some fun with it, and this thread will probably prolong it.

I don’t have any problem with that, either.

And since this is the pit, go felch a marsupial somebody.

Thank you, Wally! Well said as usual. Except for the staying in the kitchen and beating stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know. We got to vote and then DRIVE and the whole scam was blown sky-high.

::shrugs with supreme indifference::

Lexicon, maybe you weren’t around for the Guy Stuff thread, but it went on for weeks and 14-odd pages, IRC. It was a comletely tasteless, testosterone-drenched tribute to drinking, farting, eating junk food, scratching in public, more drinking, shooting and blowing up things, mistreatment of animals and crass jokes about women. It was politically incorrect as hell.

Some folks thought it was tedious and gross; others thought it was a a comlete hoot. CRUCIAL POINT HERE: the folks who didn’t enjoy it (work with me here) didn’t read it!

Gentle hint: some of the Hags you’re dissing were some of the most zestful contributors to Guy Stuff. We helped shoot out ceiling lights, hijack a van full of nuns, break jail, drink entire states dry AND create the ceremonial SDMB moose schlong.

So watch it. We don’t fool around when it comes to fun. (Pop quiz: “Male Dopers are scrambling to become pool boys and masseuers because _____.”)

You don’t have to read any of the Hag threads. But just don’t make us come over there and demonstrate Cristi’s Flaming Appendage trick on a sensitive part of your anatomy.

Ooops, too late, she getting out the 151 and a lighter…