I want to make haggis, but I can’t find lamb heart or lungs for sale anywhere here. (Nor can I readily purchase the sheep stomach to cook it in, which I will therefore omit.) Would it be just as good with regular ground lamb and liver, minus the other organs? Has anyone had haggis without the full “pluck” and if so, how does it compare?

Does anyone care to share some haggis recipes?

Haggis isn’t food. Haggis is a bet.

i’ve had this problem too… my best guess would be to call an old style butcher shopor meat processor that handles sheep… happy hunting though.

I don’t know anyone sho has ever ‘made’ haggis & the only recipies I’ve seen assume that you have your ready made haggis from the butcher - isn’t there some oatmeal in there too ?

My Scottish husband said the haggis we had at the Highland Games in KC was “Crrraaap.” According to a local butcher, the FDA does not approve the sale of lungs and other assorted offal. Too bad for the Scotsman. He loves good haggis.

Paging Dr. Hannibal Lector…Will human work just as well as sheep?

You can use pork liver as a replacement for the sheep’s liver, but making traditional haggis with “liver and lights” is not possible in the US. FDA regulations designed to help stop the spread of tuberculosis long ago made selling lungs (i.e. “lights”) illegal here.

How can you make haggis without a stomach? What’ll you keep it in? A Broiling bag?

Just came here to say what’s already been said; I don’t think you can make proper haggis legally in the the States. I haven’t tried making it, but if you google “haggis recipe” you get a whole spectrum (including vegetarian haggis :rolleyes: ). Good luck and don’t forget the tatties and neeps. Or the single malt.

I’ve already looked at a great many haggis recipes and the one that looks the best is the “Americanized Haggis” from this site. Even without the stomach and the heart and lungs, this still looks like it will turn out good. I like lamb in almost any form.