Making or Buying Haggis in the USA

OK, the Celtic Party Food thread ( made me pine for Haggis.

yes, I LIKE the stuff. Your basic cheap casserole.

Now - has anyone in the US tried to make it? What ingredients did you use that you could get around here?

(Not in CA – heck, not in US), but you should be able to get all of the normal ingredients in your local area with the exception of lungs which (IIRC) are not approved for human consumption in the US, and is what leads to the complaint that you can’t get haggis there. (Or real haggis). :slight_smile:

I did once, using this recipe from Alton Brown. Except I didn’t have any sheep stomach, so I used a loaf pan. Also, I didn’t have any suet, sheep liver, heart or tongue so I used ground beef.
Yes, I made meatloaf.
Maybe stomach is available, and I’ve never seen suet at my local megamart, but tongue, heart, and liver shouldn’t be hard to find.

I found a catalog that sells Haggis-in-a-can

Celtic Croft

Their online site is not up yet, but I will watch for it. The Haggis-in-a-can in Scotland is marked that you can’t export to the US.

I have had some Haggis at festivals using sausage casing, but it seemed to be the wrong texture (they might have also grilled instead of properly boiling it).