Where can I get a sheep's stomach in Seattle?

I was thinking of making a haggis this year, so I called Don & Joe’s down at Pike Place Market. They have sheep’s livers, sheep’s hearts, sheep’s tongues, and eve sheep’s kidneys. But they don’t have the stomach for me.

Where can I get a sheep’s stomach in Seattle, or between Seattle and the Canadian border?

I’ll still have leftovers from Christmas, and New Year’s Day I have to make my soul food. Might be a bit much, making haggis; but I’ve only had it from a can, and I’d like to have it home-made.

IIRC you can’t get them legally at all in the US, or possibly that is the lungs, which is also an essential ingredient for authentic haggis.

That’s the lungs. Stomachs are OK.

Give these folks a call. Yes, they’re all the way down in Oregon, but they might be able to hook you up, or at least point you in the right direction.

Not looking promising. He said my best bet would be to go out with the field butcher at a sheep farm. I don’t know of any in the area. I’ll keep looking for a couple/three weeks, and if I don’t find one I’ll just order a pre-made haggis from him.

Thanks for the lead.

Inside sheep.

In a pinch, you can use an old bagpipe.

Try calling the Washington State Sheep Producers, and see if they can put you in the way of a farm that produces meat.

So you’re Sheepless in Seattle?

I’ll give that a try next week.

Only bits of them. :wink:

It’s a long shot but consider giving university seafood a call.

There’s an exotic meat store… I shit you not… in North Seattle (maybe Shoreline). They might have what you need.

My friend and I had an exotic meat party once years ago- We had buffalo, wild boar, emu, llama and aligator. They might have sheep stomach.

Do you know the name? Even if they don’t have sheeps’ stomachs, I wouldn’t mind a bit of alligator or game.

Naw, the lye seasoning in the bag would overpower the subtle flavourings of the haggis. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know the name, but it is in Shoreline or the next town north of Shoreline on highway 99. It is a white building on the east side of the street and North of 160th.
Hope that helps

Heya, Rick! Wotcha?

I searched on Exotic Meats and Shoreline, and found Seattle’s Finest Exotic Meats. They were in Shoreline and are now in Bellevue.


Did you ever find the sheep stomach?

Great. I was worried the name of the store might actually have been I Shit You Not.

OK, why has no one suggested this?

Assuming you haven’t gotten it yet, why don’t you ask Don & Joe’s if you can put in a special order for a sheep’s stomach, if they could get one from their supplier or if they don’t want to do that, ask who supplies their sheep meats & contact them?

FTR, you’re supposed to use sheep’s bladder, not their stomachs, to predict earthquakes. I can’t believe no one else brought that up.

Also, make sure that you’re contacting the Exotic and not the Erotic Meat Store. Trust me, that’s a rough lesson learned.