Hah! I've got a date tonight!

I’m in a pretty good mood- I’ve got a date tonight. I haven’t dated much recently, so this is cool. We’re going to see that Tom Hanks movie (“Cast Away” if I got the title right). I got some free movie passes for Christmas- do you guys think I’d look cheap if I used 'em tonight? It’s basically our first date together.


If you’re doing dinner, then a movie and you’re not paying for the meal with gift certificates, I think you are safe.

If you just doing the movie, as long as you don’t get stingy at the over priced movie treats, i think you are safe.

If you’ve actaully talked to and gotten to know this woman at all proir to going out on a date, i think you are safe.

On the other hand, if it is a concern, why even trouble yourself about it? Leave the free movie passes for another time and just spring for it.

Or you could make it sort of a test. After all, if that’s a deciding factor for the person you are dating, are they the type of person you want to get close to?


Is it that obvious that they’re freebies? If not, just don’t brag about it and you’ll be fine - it’s not like you’re going to the dollar cinema to see some bad movie no one ever even heard about. But make sure they’re good for that particular movie before you get there.