HAHAHA I work for retards.

So’s I reckon most of you know that I work for a ‘mail-order bride’ company. It is run by retards. I’m not sure why they want to do this to us, they’re usually more sensible.

We run a computer repair/internet cafe out of the same space. They now want to put mo-fucking wet HOT TUBS in here!! I mean WHAT THE FUCK?? HOW THE HELL DOES THAT GO TOGETHER? Don’t use space jsut to use space, jackasses!

This is so. ab. surd.

Fucking A, they’ll make us all look like dumb dumbs.

An Internet cafe with hot tubs? How would that work? Where do you put the keyboard and the mouse mat?

Hey, do you guys have any cute Asian women in stock right now? Hmmm…could I reserve one of those hot tubs while I’m at it?