HAHAHAHAHA.... You people are NOT going to believe what Mrs. Chef gave me!

Tomorrow is my tenth anniversary. I got home tonight to find a HUGE box on the dining room table, all wrapped up just for me. Mrs. Chef insisted that I open it a day early, so I tore off the paper… and when I saw what it was, I laughed out loud in astonishment and delight! It was a…
you know, I think I’m going to make you guess. Here are the clues:
[ul][li]It’s bigger than a breadbox.[/li][li]It’s something that I wanted, and am THRILLED to have, but that I would never have bought for myself.[/li][li]It’s not just for me, but I don’t think anyone will enjoy it quite as much as I will.[/li][li]The fact that I have it will make some of the DFW Dopers excited, and some of them terrified.[/ul][/li]That’s it for now. I want you all to be creative when you guess… I bet that you won’t get it right away, though.

Ummmm a Corvette?!?

A blow up sex doll that you’re going to demonstrate at the next dopefest at your house?

Either that or a rice cooker.


The super-duper deluxe George Foreman Grill?

A saxaphone?

a bread machine?
a large format scanner?

A bread machine

A brand new gas range?

A big box to put stuff in for the next WE swap?

Pamela Anderson?

A fire ant farm?

A bread ma…oh…wait…

Does it vribrate?

A grizzly bear!

A vibrating bread machine?

A butter churn?

A sybian? :smiley:

A flamethrower?

My money’s on the sybian. :smiley:

A Showtime rotisserie?



No, it’s not any of those things, although whoever said “a Sybian” may have just given me an idea of what to get HER. grin

(did I mention that we SWORE we wouldn’t get each other anything, because of the enormous pile of money we’re spending on remodeling the kitchen? Now I have ONE DAY to try and top this amazing gift.)

Nor is it a sex toy, although it DOES vibrate (sort of).

Eww. Remind me never to ask you for change.