Hair product recommendations/tips?

I have decided that flat-ironing my hair every day is a waste of time and energy. So I’m looking for product recommendations that might make it look halfway decent without the use of heat.

My hair as a whole is quite thick, but individually, each strand is very fine. It’s fairly short(earlobe length to neckline length, depending which layer you’re inspecting), but there is a lot of it. It’s also naturally wavy to loosely curly. Frizz is the enemy!

Anyone have similar hair and want to share your secret to keeping the curls defined, the frizzies away, and the pocketbook happy?

I love this stuff. Cheap, makes hair smooth, shiny and controls frizz. I’ve liked everything from the FX line, that I’ve used so far. Walgreens and Sally’s Beauty Supply and Ulta have all had it so far in my shopping experience.

FX Silk Drops

I use it every time I wash my hair, and if I forget I’ll put it on my dry hair because it really makes a difference.