Hair, shoes, and watches?

I’m listening to the radio, a talk show chat about “metrosexuals”, and the guy promoting his book sez that the 3 things women check out in a guy are his hair, his shoes, and his watch.

I go through about 3 watches a year, because of my job, which involves watch related incidents. Therefore, I usually buy the best that WALMART has to offer, for 10 bucks or so.

Do you gals really look at our watches as a sign of our dateabilty?

I’ve got a nice Seiko, but I keep it in the safe for special occasions.

Any woman shallow enough to chose her dates based on the apparent expensiveness of his accessories isn’t worth your time.

Wear the Wal-Mart watch, and weed out the materialistic.

Sounds like a bunch of bull to me. I coudn’t tell you what type of watch or shoes the last guy I was interested in. Hair, maybe, but eyes and personality are the first things I look at

chucks his Casio in the bin


"I’m listening to the radio, a talk show chat about “metrosexuals”

I’m getting REALLY REALLY bored with this whole “metrosexual” thing. My advice is change stations. Anyhow, I thought the whole deal with metrosexuals was that they only wanted to get laid, not hitched. Or am I missing something? Perhaps I’m a rurosexual.

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somebody’s PR program has run wild.

i couldn’t tell you what kind of watch or shoes my HUSBAND wears. you think i really gave a rat’s ass about which ones a date had on?

if he looked ok (clean hair, clean clothes that didn’t look like they’d been salvaged from a dumpster, no obvious signs of inbreeding), that probably was the baseline. obviously extra points were awarded for everything above those minimums. but i certainly never inventoried anyone’s accessories for their brand-name recognition factor.

The answer is" Yes many do" and like Mr. Phelps on Mission Impossible will disavow it until the day they die, because they think it makes them look shallow.

In specific contexts, these external symbols can be rough, but relatively accurate, indicators of a man’s degree of attention to how he wishes to portray himself, and secondarily an indicator of his socio-economic status or aspirations to same. While there are many well off people running around in jeans and sweats in the workplace, most wealthier and upwardly professionals don’t, and take some care in their appearance. You can choose whatever external, socio-economic status markers indicator you want ie - “shoes, car, suit” and wind up in the same place.

The bottom line is that many woman, for highly practical reasons, feel they need some indicator of the socio-economic status of available men they are considering dating and mating.

Hair: long and wild. Gimme a head of hair (hair!) long shining hair (hair!)…
Shoes: yes, with shoe strings and stuff. Black sneakers trying to pass themselves off as dress shoes
Watch: pocket, windup, old-fashioned.

How’m I doin?

Why would I care what kind of watch a guy wears? I wear $6 cheerfully colored plastic watches from Wal-Mart. When one breaks, I buy a new one. Maybe I’m just really un-materialistic or something, but I cannot fathom choosing a date based on the watch he wears.

While a gentleman’s watch isn’t a date dealbraker I will say it says something about his sense of style.

Hmmm…no watch and no hair. Shoes vary between birkenstocks and hiking boots.
Good thing I’m already married.

I have never once in my life bothered to notice what sort of shoes or watch a guy was wearing. Hair, maybe, but what I’m looking for is whether a guy is good-looking and not prematurely balding, not what sort of hair-care products he uses.