I have a woman's watch

So it being campaign season, I boogied down to Zellers a few days ago and bought a digital watch, the better to tell the time with, my dear. Anyway, I was looking at the receipt today and discovered it said women’s watch.

What exactly distinguishes a woman’s digital watch with velcro strap from a man’s digital watch with velcro strap? What makes watches male and female? It didn’t even say men’s or women’s on the box. This is just an ordinary watch - not some big testosterone-poisoned IronMan watch or some froufrou gold & diamonds thing on a tiny gold-wove strap that looks like it could only be worn by drag queens or Margaret Trudeau.

I’m not going to bother feeling weird about this, though, and if any addled loogan takes it upon themself to go “Haw haw, you’re wearing a woman’s watch,” my response will be, “Are you calling me a thief?!”

Men’s and women’s watches. Tss.

If it refuses to strap on to your wrist one day because it doesn’t think it goes with the shoes you’re wearing, then it’s definitely a woman’s watch.

If you wear a black belt with brown pants and the watch says, “Hey! Cool look man!”, then it’s definitely a man’s watch.

That’s how it got explained to me.

Eh. I have a woman’s bike.

Not long ago I pulled a pair of jeans from that laundry to wear that day. I was sure they were my jeans, after all I’m the only one at home who ever wears any sort of blue jeans.

When I got home, my aunt (who was staying over) pointed in the direction of my pants and yelled “darnit, there they are, I’ve been looking for my those all day long!”

I looked down and sure enough, I spent the day wearing Ladies Jordache jeans all day without knowing. The fact that I had a baggy shirt worn out sort of made it less obvious… but

ewwww :o

I have a guy’s watch. It’s bigger than most girls’ watches…which is why my mom bought it for me. The little delicate watches just don’t work. Plus, I can read it! Mine’s analog, though. Digital? No difference. Unless it’s pink.


I’m wearing an Ironman Triathlon watch right now…
and I’m a woman. :slight_smile:

It’s just the watch that appealed to you matt.

Does size really matter?

Don’t sweat it, watch sizing and gender assignment is often somewhat arbitrary nowdays. Over the past 10-20 years women’s watch calibers have increased in size to be more rugged and functional to the point the dividing line between a "man’s and “woman’s” watch is fairly small in many cases and there are many popular watches were the men’s and women’s version of a watch style are absolutely identical except for a moderate size difference.

Many men with smaller wrists prefer to wear the “womans” version of watches like this as it matches their wrist size better and does not look as silly (on them) as a bigger watch.

As an example see these side by side

Tag Heuer Kirium Watches

My impression is that “women’s/ladies’” watches are just smaller than their “men’s” counterparts. Why they can’t just say “small” and “large” I don’t know, I’m sure it’s just a marketing tradition.

I’m a 6’2" guy, but have small bones so the “women’s” size often looks better on me.

Okay, when I read this, the first thing that popped into my head was, “He’s not big, he’s just small-boned.” It may be past my bedtime.

It really doesn’t matter what the watch is intended for, just that you like it, and it works. I now prefer a smaller watch, because it irritates me having something big/heavy on my wrist. However a few years back I always wore a “man’s” watch because I liked having a big chunky timepiece that I could easily read.

If watch manufacturers are so blinkered and sexist they insist on defining which gender should wear which model, they are blocking out 50% of potential customers. Assholes.

[Redbeard Rum] “You have a woman’s watch, my Lord! I’ll wager that watch has never been wrapped so tight to ye wrist that it cut of the circulation, turning ye hand black as death, and withering to a fetid crusty claw.” [/Redbeard Rum]

Goddam it, GuanoLad, ya beat me to it!

Arrrrr . . . .

¿Qué cosa?

<Redbeard Rum>You have a WOMAN’S watch, My Lord! I’ll wager that watch has never served as a ship’s chronometer, to navigate a seedy band of privateers through the Straights Of Magellan during a hurricane, with the burning fuzes of grenadoes clenched between the teeth of every man-jack aboard! </Redbeard Rum>

ARrrrrr! :wink: :smiley:
We need a pirate smiley.

Matt—It’s from a “Black Adder” episode, where he hires a pirate captain to sail him to . . . I forget where. But the captain keeps saying things like, “You have a WOMAN’S leg, my lord—I’ll wager that pretty white leg was never knawed off by a shark and used to plug up a hole in the hull during a three-month monsoon!”


We could have kept him guessing for a week. <pout>


We could have kept him guessing for a week. <pout>"

—You have a WOMAN’S pout, my lord! I’ll wager that pretty little pout has never been used to tempt a cannibal from tearing off your head and using it as a candy dish, on the Feegee Isles, after being shipwrecked on the rocks and crawling to shore!

I grade that post with no better than a mark of D.
You don’t crawl to shore, you swim.

[Menacing Dr Whoesque leer]You have a woman’s quote! I’ll bet those "s have 'nere enclosed a pair of topsails while being nibbled by spindly killer fish [/Menacing Dr Whoesque leer]