Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I was blonde yesterday. Now I’m a brunette. It’s freaking me out every time I look in the mirror and see all that dark, dark hair.

I was bored yesterday when I went to get my hair cut. She says, want to try something new? And I’m bored, bored, so I said yes. And now it’s all dark. And it’s funny, because even though I’ve been blonde for 5 or 10 years, the color I am now is closer to my natural color. But it’s so dark!

Somehow, this is even more traumatizing than when I cut my halfway-down-my-back hair to above collar-length.

Have I mentioned it’s really, really dark?

It really is freaky to have to reconcile your own mental image of yourself with the new on that you see in the mirror. It’s startling the first few times you take the towel off your wet hair and see a strange person in front of you.

Give yourself a week or two to adjust. I went brunette two days before I went on a week long vacation and that was enough time to adjust. My hairdresser says I’m his only client who went brunette and stayed brunette. Usually his clients are back in a couple of days begging to have their blonde highlights back.

I really like it better this way–it looks so much healthier. But it traumatizing those first few days!!!

P.S. If the color fades, John Frieda glaze is fantastic.