Halliburton -- Your tax dollars at work

According to CBS news, Halliburton is doing a different kind of “money laundering”:

Other information in the article said that hundreds of Halliburton employees are living in five-star hotels in Kuwait with “fruit baskets and pressed laundry delivered daily.”

The Army pays $1.39 per day to bunk a soldier in a tent.

Halliburton employees were asked to move into tents, but they declined.

Most readers here know without being reminded that Dick Cheney resigned as Chief Executive Officer of Halliburton, a Texas-based corporation, to seek the Vice Presidency. And Halliburton was awarded the contract in Iraq without competitive bidding. Will they have to pay more than the 7.5 million in fines previous accessed or agreed to?

Does this corporation support our troops? Is this your idea of patriotism? It isn’t mine and I don’t think that it represents the views of most of the Republicans that I know either.

Isn’t this war profiteering?

Will we ever see any of the money returned?

Will spending limits ever be capped?

Will Congress take action?

Will Kimberly tell Danny she’s pregnant with Bruce’s child?

Stay tuned to As the KBR Turns to find out!
Endless loads of laundry getting you down? Well turn that frown upside down, ladies! For a mere $15 per pound of laundry, we’ll wash, press and or fold your load and even deliver it to your door the next day. For a limited time only, each new customer receives a complimentary fruit basket delivered with each load! Sign up now, don’t delay.*

[sub]*Void where prohibited, some restrictions may apply, offer subject to change at any time, non-transferable. Offer void in Iran.[/sub]

Not if the defense department has anything to say about it:

Army Grants Halliburton More Delay

Yes, of course it is. Do the Great American Electorate give a shit? No, they probably don’t.

Why do you hate America Zoe?

I know…I should just shut up and leave, but something in me says it’s better to bitch than switch. :wink:

All I can think about is that Ken Starr’s $80 million Whitewater witchhunt got started on a lot less than this.

And the Republicans claim they’re the ones with the high moral standards?

Hey, nobody that everybody knows slept with somebody who wasn’t his or her spouse while they were doing the laundry (it was a small load so I did it by hand). Besides Dick Cheney is just so fubsy compared to Bill Clinton.

Also, to pick a nit, it wasn’t $15/pound, it was $100/15 pounds. Which is only about $6.67 a pound. Or roughly 8 to 10 times what it costs around here. I’m sure there’s no cheap Iraqi labor for them to exploit, they need to bring in professional launderers from Manhattan. So it’s really not an overage at all.

Correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t we sold the idea of subcontracting because it would open up the market and be cheaper for the tax payer?

I know that in the oil business Haliburton is the best at what they do, and for that part of the job there may have been no other good choice, but there was no earthly reason that a company that had already been fined for overcharging the government should have wound up with anything more than a strictly audited contract within their tight area of expertise. You don’t hand known cheaters signed checks.

I’ll thank you to refrain from using the phrases “small load,” “by hand” and “Bill Clinton” in the same post again.

Dude! You’ll go blind!

And I sure wouldn’t admit that.

It’s right in line with what the military pays for things like hammers and nails, though. Massive multiples of reasonable costs.

Well, sure. You wouldn’t want anything like “accountability” (a clearly communist and anti-American notion) to get in the way of free enterprise and capitalism, would you? Cripes, if you start to demand accountability or responsibility, the whole American system would collapse. How would we have managed such amazing technological progress, like Enron, WorldCon, Arthur Andersen, if we held people responsible for their actions?

Do I detect a faint note of sarcasm?

:: giggle ::

It was actually WorldCom, but that’s such an apt typo. :smiley:

:: snicker ::

Naw, you’re just letting your imagination run wild again. Comes of paying too much attention to that man behind the curtain.

Uh oh. Looks like they got a pretty water-tight defense going there. And as long as they say they’re saving money, I don’t see any reason to doubt them.

Even in Manhattan you can get your clothes washed at 50 cents a pound.

This comes up all the time around here. Not that I don’t believe you, but just for fun…


With due respect, this ain’t a question of whether Republicans or Democrats are the dirtiest, most grafty, least moral politicians. This has to do with “corporate greed”, which is, of course, a myth. We have this ridiculous notion that a company is something different from the people who run it, so the “company” is doing the country dirt, but all the executives running the country are perfectly honest, moral, upright, patriotic individuals.

It’s such bullshit.

I actually teach a class for MBAs, and we are obliged to mention ethics. I’m pretty scathing. You find me an executive with ethics (regardless of their political affiliation) and I’ll show you the first person “downsized.”