Halloween Hijinks

Okay, I know autumn seems a really, really long way off while we’re suffering in the intense summer heat. But let’s cool off a little: Think ahead to the cooler days of October (well, in most parts. In TX it just cools off from 100 to 90. :smiley: ). What do you do on Halloween? Do you party, trick-or-treat or do you wave it off as ridiculousness and stay out of any festivities?

Me? I go all out, baby. :smiley:

So, lay it on me. What’s up your sleeve on Halloween?

What? We don’t have a monster smiley?

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I’m hoping to find a fun Halloween party this year. It’s always great to have an excuse to dress up and go all out with a costume.

Oh, yeah…costume parties! Every year I go to one. Sometimes two, sometimes we’ll go to a club all dressed up. I love Halloween!

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I love Halloween. The Boy and I take costumes very seriously and always make our own (the owner of the local costume store knows us by name,) so Halloween tends to be a months-long project. One of our friends throws a big Halloween bash every year, so that’s where we usually end up.

I trick-or-treated all the way through high school, and I miss it - I’m looking forward to having kids so I can have an excuse to wander the neighbor in costume and ask for candy again. Most people look askance at you for trick-or-treating at 27, and many will refuse to give you candy. Buttheads.

I love Halloween, too. I was really fired up because my son decided months ago that he wanted to be the gremlin from the Twilight Zone episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.” Then he decided he couldn’t do that because it would require makeup, which his elementary school does not allow at their Halloween parties. (Still not sure I get that one.)

As a kid, I always loved the fact that we got the day after Halloween off from school, since I went to a Catholic school.

One year, Mom sent my older sister and me to the school Halloween party dressed as Mortal and Venial Sin (black sheet draped over Liz, gray sheet draped over me). The nuns loved it. We won a prize.

Now, I live in a place that doesn’t have city-wide trick-or-treat, and our neighborhood doesn’t do it. The good part, at least for my son, is that he can go with friends and hit several neighborhoods on different nights.

Last Halloween was the most elaborate front porch “haunt” I’ve done. Along the driveway and the street were black and orange luminaries, lit of course. Midway up the lawn was a wood sign pointing the way to the spooks, with a lit jack-o’-lantern on the ground below it.

On the porch, a table with an orange tablecloth was spread with old comic books (bought in bulk on eBay) for the kids to take. Under the table was the loudspeaker for a haunted sound effects CD. A disembodied hand held a sign above the doorbell that said “Doorbell” (like Thing in the Addams Family).

Hung from the roof over the porch were chained letters spelling “Happy Halloween”, and on the roof itself was a frightening looking hag looking down with her arms outspread. Hanging down from the ceiling of the porch was a black bat. In the back corner of the porch was a giant spider web with a giant black and purple spider.

On the front door was a skull face, with a motion detector, whose eyes lit up red as it said “Hey!” and “I see you!” and “What are you doing?” when anyone approached.
To the right of the door was a pyramid of three jack-o’-lanterns. On the wall next to them was a push button, with a sign inviting anyone to “Press the button for a surprise.” Doing so caused a hidden fog machine to emit a swirling cloud of fog from the top jack-o’-lantern’s face. Everyone loved that.

When I answered the door with a tray of candy, the word was “Take as much candy as you want. And have a comic book, too!”

Why not make it the trick-or-treat I would have loved to visit? It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

A few Halloween websites:

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Only 102 days to get ready. :cool:

This past year I built a coffin for Halloween, but seeing as we moved into our house just a few months before, I didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked. This year, however, I’d like to get a coupla motors hooked up to where one of them will be constantly lifting the lid of my coffin, and the other will be lifting the arm of a stuffed spook I’ll place in a rocking chair on my front porch.

Like Walloon, I had scary music playing (mine from an extra iMac I had sitting around); I also had a fog machine, but I gave up on it because it didn’t have a setting for automatic like I had originally thought (you have to keep pressing the trigger for the fog to come out); I had spooks and critters placed in the yard and driveway.

This year, in addition to the motors, I’ll be building a cemetery with gravestones; decorating an extra mailbox with a rubber, severed arm sticking out of it (and “Dead Letter Department” painted on the side); and, um… some other stuff I can’t recall. I have a list. Somewhere.

Here are some photos of last year’s setup.

I am a halloween scrooge. I go to a bar on that day so that I don’t have to hand out candy. It started about 1990 when the kids were in their teens and didn’t even bother to try to dress up. And when the mothers were bringing their kids in from neighborhoods that were nowhere near me.

When I was a kid you dressed up. And you went around the neighborhood where you were known. And you were a *kid *- not a teen. I finally said humbug and stopped buying candy and started going to the bar.

Now, if invited to a dress-up party, I will dress and will enjoy it.

I plan to celebrate Halloween by re-reading this classic thread.

One of the things I like least about being an adult is that we don’t get to go trick or treating. Yes, I’m 29, and still am bitter about this.

So I do the next best thing: every year I go to my best friend’s house and help scare the hell out of the trick or treaters. Seriously, the kids call her house “the scary house” and we hear them talking about that as they arrive. We don’t get a single kid at my house - we live along a sparsely populated highway - so it’s nice to be included, and her family welcomes all scarers who are willing to sign up.

We have an increasingly dilapidated 3 ft tall plastic skeleton that hangs near the front door. It’s obvious to the kids that this thing USED to moan and have flashy lights in the eyes, it’s also fairly evident that it doesn’t work now (and is missing a leg).
They glance at it briefly, not noticing the string running from one arm through the door, then they ring the bell. Just as I start to open the door, I pull the string, which A) is the only way to activate the busted motion sensor causing the wailing and flashing to start and B) results in a skeletal arm reaching directly for the kids that are watching the door rather than this broken down old decoration.

I really didn’t think it was at all scary when I first set it up; I figured maybe the kids would laugh a little if they were polite. Really, just a last minute idea as I had a bit of string laying around for some reason. The screams convinced me maybe I had a winner.
Apparently the timing is important, if I yank the string before starting to open the door I only get about half the volume.

We usually spend more on Halloween decorations than we do on x-mas decorations.

I play a few rounds of the Helicopter flight sim Valkyrie (it is tradition. I’m not sure why). And, some years, I’ve done a realtime, chatroom-based MST3k-style “riffing” of movies with some friends. (The record was when we riffed all of the Heisei-series Godzilla movies, in a marathon. It took something like 12 hours. There were three of us left, at the end. I think I skipped showering that day—which, for an obsessive-compulsive, shows you my level of dedication.)

Probably Monster Massive.

Halloween is the best hliday ever. EVER.

Seriously, I love thinking up a cool costume and jsut walking aorund as much as i can being someone else. How often can you really do that? Not very!

Last year I was angry because of a trip for work in late October, I was unable to do any Halloween festivities. This year I plan to do as many as I can, and I even have a costume idea already.

I want to be a turn of the century-style beach goer, with the old vintage-style men’s swimsuit that covers the chest, red and white striped if I can find it, dye my hair black, and grow and dye black a handlebar mustache.

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