Halvah "cheese"?

Anyone heard of this? And if so, do you know why it’s called cheese? It tastes more like a brick of sand with chocolate and peanut butter mixed in than anything resembling cheese. Hell, looking at the ingredients list (something I should have done before buying it – I was impulsive), I don’t even see anything dairy on it. What gives?

I’ve never seen it listed anywhere as cheese. Ain’t no cheese in it. Here’s the story of it:

Halva is a confection or sweetmeat originating in the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean regions. It is made from ground sesame seeds, honey or sugar syrup, with other ingredients such as dried fruit, pistachio nuts, farina (semolina), and almonds sometimes added. Cinnamon and cardamom are also frequently added. The ingredients are blended together, and then heated and poured into bars or long loaves. The name means literally ‘sweetmeat’ and various forms of the word may be found in Turkish, Greek, Yiddish, Arabic, etc. (Helva, halva, halvah, halwa, halawi, etc.)

Could you be getting confused with Haloumi, which is indeed cheese?

Nope. I just looked at the wrapper again to make sure and it is explicitly labeled as “Halvah Marble Cheese” and was in the “gourmet” cheese island at the grocery store alongside the Stiltons, Bries, and Camemberts.

It’s the deli label that has it marked as cheese though, not the company label which is, I think, Joyvah – the font’s a little hard to read.

For what it’s worth, the ingredients listed on this particular package are: crushed sesame; corn syrup; sugar; vegetable oil; cocoa; chocolate; dried egg albumen; and natural and artificial flavors.

Seems I bought one of the plainer varieties.

Seems your deli has misinformed you. Halva is great stuff, but it ain’t cheese.

And it’s only good if you make it yourself, at home!

Who wants to visit? I think I’ll make some this weekend!

Tempting, Elenia, even with the cost of the plane ticket.

I love Halva :).

Brisbane?? Maybe I could ship you some.

wanders off, wondering if halva will go bad on that long of a trip

Only if it’s a “halva” long trip!

I’ve got “halva” mind to berate you for that remark.

I’m there! :wink:

Just berate? They need a beating. That was bad.

Perhaps the deli workers mistook halva for havarti.

“Havarti” ya think we can keep going with this? I “halva” bet going.

Alright, this has gone "farina"f.

Sez who?


(sung to the tune of ‘Havah Nagila’)

Halvah’s…not cheese
Halvah’s…not cheese
Halvah’s…not cheese
It’s sesame

I’ll take your word on it as the stuff I bought was marginal at best. I felt like I was eating a brick of sand and eventually wound up throwing about 3/5th of it in the garbage disposal.