Handbrake not liking these DVDS...macrovision?

So, my buddy is manager at a blockbuster in Montreal, and while visiting the city we got first dibs on the “going out of business” sale, getting the movies people would actually want to watch!

Getting back home, I wanted to rip the DVDs to my iPad using Handbrake. I’ve done it before without problems, but with these DVDs, the output m4V file is pixellated, choppy, and has the sound cutting in and out. I ripped the movie twice to see if it was my burner. It’s not. The movie otherwise plays fine on the computer.

Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be because of some sort of DRM/macrovision, since they are (former) rental DVDs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you using handbrake from the DVD or are you ripping the DVD to a folder using DVD Decrypter?

Straight from the disc to the output file.

Try ripping the DVD to your computer. Use DVD Decrypter first. Rip your DVD to your computer. The use Handbrake to convert, it may have copyright protection.

DVD Decrypter isn’t legal in all countries so I won’t post a link, but you can Google it and download it from many sites.

I’m familiar with it from the days when I used videora, but I didn’t think to use it with another handbrake. Will check it out. Thanks!