Handbrake problems: DVD to iPod formats

So my son has some Miyazaki DVDs that he’d really like to watch on his iPod. He got himself Handbrake and it worked fine for one, “Spirited Away” I think, but it stops itself in progress on the others.

Any one with any ideas of why it is doing this and how to fix it or other suggestions for ripping and burning from DVD to iPod compatible (personal single user use only)?

I remember reading a thread about Handbrake which said that the PC version of it does not have the capability to overcome copy protection on DVDs, and you need to download some other program to do that first. I can’t get search to work right now, but if you search for “Handbrake” on the boards from the last three or four months you should find it.

Having said that, I have used Handbrake to copy a couple of my DVDs to my iPod and it worked fine. I guess it’s the luck of the draw what’s copy protected and what isn’t…