Handheld scanner issue

I have a Zebra DS6608 handheld scanner connected by USB to a windows 10 machine. I plug it in, it beeps, flashes briefly, then doesn’t do anything. I downloaded some software called 123Scan from the manufacture, but when I try to start the software I get the error “The Scanner Drivers are not launched properly.”

The scanner works on other machines and used to work on this machine.

The issue came about when I was trying to reprogram the scanner to send a “CR/LF” after the scan. I had previously used the 123Scan software on a different handheld scanner to get some info on the scanner, so the software used to work on this machine. When I first tried the software with this scanner, if failed to recognize the scanner and had me scan in a barcode so it could find the scanner. After I did that, everything stopped working.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the 123Scan software, but still get the error. I can’t see the device in device manager so I don’t know how to change or remove the driver for it.

Any thoughts on what else I can do? I used regedit to find all instances of Zebra (the manufacturer) and delete them, but that didn’t seem to change anything.

I think you have to program a rule that ‘send all that remains’ and adds the CR/LF.
There should also be a programming barcode which tells the scanner how it should appear to the PC (keyboard vs virtual comm port).

Also, Zebra scanners were recently Symbol so you may want to search for both.

I see I completely misread the question!
There’s an ADF programming guide on Zebra’s website that you can use instead of 123scan.
Looks like it’s a hefty 300+ pages so print selectively.

I’d begin by erasing all rules.
Then, start new rule, send all that remains, then end rule and see if that gets it back to sending the data without the control codes at the end.

It’s weird that nothing shows up in device manager.

What sometimes works for me is to try a different USB port.

Yep, tried a different USB port.