whats wrong with my scanner

Ok, well i had a canon 20/lide 30/lide scanner, it was working fine, then it wasnt, kept telling me, can not communite with scanner, check plugs.
Plugs were all checked , those were fine.
i deleted the program, reinstalled, same thing happened, now telling me not communiting with scanner, and twain error.
whats a twain error??? had it about 1 year, was goin fine , then poof. gave it to a friend, now guess what.
its not working for him either…:smack:
thanks elizabeth.

It’s hard to tell, and at labor prices it will cost you a lot to find out. I bought an HP combined scanner, copier, printer for $80 just recently and I don’t think you can get a technician to look at your scanner for under $50 and if they fix it I think you’ll go past $80 pretty quickly. I’m not pushing HP but mentioned it just to show that it wasn’t a cheapie, fly-by-night scanner for that price.

I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to scanners, but what is a “20/lide 30/lide” scanner?

Also – what operating system, Win98, MacOS 9, WinXP, Red Hat Linux, MacOS X, Slackware?

And – SCSI? USB? FireWire? PC Parallel? Network scanner?

The fact that you’re getting a “TWAIN” error means that the software is using a TWAIN driver. TWAIN is a popular non-proprietary scanner-driver architecture used by many (but by no means all) scanners.

How are you initiating your scans, in fact? Are you in Photoshop and choosing from the Acquire menu, using a plug-in installed by the CD that came with your scanner? Are you using a custom program that came with the scanner? Does the scanner start to scan? Does it make noise, do the lights come on (does it have status lights), does the scanner platen-thingie move at all? Are there other devices on the same bus (SCSI, FireWire, USB, Parallel, etc) as scanner, and, if so, does the problem go away if you remove all devices from the bus except the scanner?

Obvious things: check the cables. check power cords (if relevant) to the scanner. See if scanner appears in Apple System Profiler or the Hardware Profile of My Computer. See if there’s a fuse in the scanner that may have popped.

You can get your scanner for 50-70 at retail. If it’s broken and out of warranty your best bet is to toss it.

Your scanner uses a USB 1.1 connection so “inability to make a connection” usually means

1: Scanner is dead - does it power up?

2: Power supply is dead - Is wall DC transformer warm or cold?

3: USB connection is jammed or off line or USB cable is damaged or not connected properly - Try anoither USB port or swap with another USB device

4: Twain driver is not installed properly - Remove completely and follow driver installation sequence to the letter -

To test for most of this stuff try installing the unit on another PC where the installer knows what they are doing . That will give a pretty clear indication of whether it is a dead hardware, dead/blocked USB port or incorrectly installed driver issue.

My scanner often is unable to be seen by my system, especially when I haven’t used it for several days, and have rebooted the OS (Win98SE) during that period.

But all I have to do to fix this is to pull the power cord from the scanner, keep it out for about 10 seconds, then plug it back in again. Then I shut down and restart the scanning program (just the program, no reboot, reinstall, or anything), and it now recognizes that the scanner is there and works fine.

You might try that and see if it works for you.

Have you unplugged the scanner for a bit? Also make sure you have the current version of drivers, don’t use windows drivers if you can download from canon.