So everyone, since I am in the habit of having serious hangovers on a regular basis, what are some of your methods for treating hangovers?

One of my friend’s has to have McDonald’s breakfast in order to keep from hurling after a hard night.

Treating hangovers: take 2 aspirin (or 3 depending on your body weight and the seriousosity of the hangover), drink something containing cafeine, and GO BACK TO BED!!

Stay in bed until the hangover is dealable, then take a cold shower…

Good luck! :smiley:

Stay drunk.

If this is not an option, then make sure you drink plenty of water before going to sleep or passing out. Hangovers are mostly the result of dehydration, so just keep yourself full of (non-alcholic) fluids to wake up in one piece. I use a variation of Astroboy’s suggestion:
[li]set your alarm clock for 2 hours before you would normally wake up[/li][li]kick any nasty beer-goggle women out of bed (or, depending on your orientation, men/animals/potted plants/etc.)[/li][li]vomit as needed[/li][li]take a couple aspirin (not Tylenol, which screws with your liver when taken with alcohol regularly)[/li][li]drink 5 glasses of water[/li][li]swear to your Creator that you’ll never drink again if s/he will just make this hangover go away[/li][li]go back to sleep until your necessary wake-up time.[/li][li]repeat every weekend:)[/li][/ul]
See you in IMHO!

2 aspirin and a lot of fluid before you sleep is definitly the way to go. It’s gotten me through some very rough days.

Taking a bracingly cold shower the next morning is a great way of giving yourself a boost but it is a short lived one.

The absolute best way of knocking them on the head altogether though is to go swimming.

I too use the fluids and aspirin/acetaminophen/ibuprofen before bed route, works great if you can remember to. Since I hardly ever get shit-faced drunk anymore, I usually can.