Happy Anniversary to Geobabe!

No, this is not OUR anniversary, that would be November. And this is not the anniversary of her sobriety, that will be recognized in June. Today, April 16, 2002, is precisely TWO YEARS since the Lovely and Talented Geobabe began here at the Straight Dope Message Board!

Now, she means everything to me, as some of you may have noticed, but let’s look back to her first post ever, appropriately about music. Then see how quickly she caught on and made an introductory thread, and her first “wrong forum” post! I love this woman with all my heart, but what we have now started some time ago. What attracted me to her early on was her love of Marines and men who dress well. She is well traveled, is Scotch/Irish like myself, educated, and then she demonstrated excellent taste in men, good coffee, and she thinks I’m cute to boot!.

She is patriotic, fearless, faithful, and gosh darned sexy! And is genetically disposed to be for a long time! Of course, I have KNOWN she’s sexy for some time!

We agree on political issues, personal issues, we both cuss a little when appropriate. Lise is firmly grounded in reality and life. We see eye to eye on SO many things. She likes Key West for a wedding site, and I know I’m going to be wearing a tux with a bowtie, and boxer briefs underneath!

I know she has also touched many of you out there in the world, and I would like to ask you all to join me in wishing Lise, my bride-to-be and partner for life, a Happy Anniversary. And I thank you all for being the people you are. You drew me in here and kept me, and you drew her and kept her in the same fashion. We met through this group, and for that, I owe you all my eternal gratitude.

Wow. Such linkage. I bow to your superior linky knowledge.

Happy Anniversary, Geobabe!

Yay Geobabe! Happy Anniversary!

The board is a better place with you on it, Geobabe. Hope you’re here for years to come. Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Geobabe! It’s a privilege to know you.

Happy Anniversary, Geobabe! My world is so much brighter having met you here. You’ve been a wonderful, kind, and true friend, and a wonderful role model in everything you do. Here’s to many, many more years on the board!

Geobabe, you are a lovely, intelligent, witty woman. I’m so pleased I was able to celebrate your engagement with you, and my little trip to DC made me love and appreciate you that much more.

You make this board the special place it is. Happy anniversary, darling.

Some damn fine karma you got in the coding there, Bill:). And having Geobabe to fall asleep next to … dayum:)

We MADs shore gonna miss 'er when she goes off down south with ya…

Karma, HELL! That’s SWEAT, baby! Kudos to thinksnow, the Master of Coding Links, from whom I get my inspiration.

Damn! Just when I think that man is done amazing me, he does it again. Is it any wonder I love him like I do? I didn’t even remember it was my board anniversary!

I am touched down to the very tips of my tippy-toes (and perhaps “tetched” a bit as well, but we’ll leave that discussion for another time) and really quite impressed with your research, sweetheart. That coding is truly awe-inspiring.

The SDMB has literally changed my life. When I first joined, I thought, here is a bunch of intelligent, funny, sarcastic, opinionated folks…I have found my people! I thought I would enjoy reading the boards and maybe laugh and learn a little. Little did I know what a profound effect this place would have on me. I have met so many wonderful people and made some dear, dear friends, not to mention met the love of my life.

I feel so enriched, and so humbled, to be in the company of Dopers. The way this community has grown and the way that Dopers care about and support each other is wonderful to behold. Not to mention the sheer amount of knowledge held in one place, which is truly breathtaking. I thought I knew a thing or two, but Dopers make me feel like a dullard sometimes.

sniff I love you guys.

Darnitall! I meant to include my sig…I use it so rarely, it’s easy to forget to check the box.

Boy, I knew there was a reason we all loved you so.

I thought it was her breasts.


Ya gotta love em both. Whadda pair.
Congratulations Lise! Thank you for enriching my life by turning me on to these folks. Maybe when I’ve been here for two years I won’t still be feeling “I’m not worthy”.
Future Brother-in-Law Uncle Bill (FBILUB) you sure are swell.

I wrote that post before I read dropzone’s

Man, I love this place.

We do - regardless of which way you meant it! :smiley:


One of the best simulposts of all time, right there.

oops…I need to learn to read instead of just posting. I also need to stop posting while I am on the phone with customers.

GEO ,you are a babe!