Happy as a puppy with two peters...and six legs?!

You have to see this dog to believe it.

For the second time today , I only have one thing to say about this :


This will teach you to keep asking for puppy pictures! :slight_smile:

(Now, kittens, on the other hand…)

My Og! That’s almost as disturbing as the kitten that has two faces!

Don’t worry. There aren’t any pictures.

The other day, I saw a link to a newspaper story about Gemini, a newborn two-faced kitten, but the link wouldn’t work. So I Googled up the relevant words from the link: Gemini, kitten, two-faced, and I got a website about facial deformities in newborn kittens. Some of those poor things were so monstrously malformed that my stomach is still turned three days after looking at it.

This pup, however, isn’t that bad. And I’m looking hard, but not seeing a superfluous tallywhacker.

Well, maybe the extra legs came from this dog:

It’s Halvsie! (No, not really)


So does it have to raise both hindlegs to take a leak?

For the curious, here is a photo of the two-faced kitten. Not particularly gross, but it is a bit unsettling.

Will a two-faced cat have 18 lives? :smiley:

I see they named it Ong Fatt…

shouldn’t he be named Dong Phat?

I really want to click on that link and see what the kitten looks like, but I’m really scared, too…

The puppy is so cute. I wish I had a six-legged dog.

Actually, this puppy looks cute and happy. A little odd, but he doesn’t seem to be aware he’s a freak, so he could end up being a fun pet.

Bet he’ll kick butt in agility class!

The puppy is cute, but the two faced kitten is a bit nasty.

GAH! Okay, I will now have nightmares about the two-faced kitty. Why did I click that link?

You clicked for the same reason I did… linky provided, must clicky.

:: shudder ::

To click or not to click…

…not to click.

Oh, c’mon. The kitten isn’t that bad!

And the puppy is downright adorable. Where is this temple located? China? Kind of a shame it’s not in India or another country with a large Hindu population. I think they’d really appreciated a dog with a spare set of limbs.

He is a cute freaky puppy. I wish they had shown a picture of him standing up so it’s easier to tell which direction the legs go.

Malaysia, judging from the web address.