Happy Belated Birthday Flamsterette_X!

Ok so it’s a little late, but that’s the hamsters fault, so you’ll have to complain to management.

So come, share all the gorey details of you dinner on the board, you know you want to. :slight_smile:

From the bottom of my heart I wish you a Happy (belated) Birthday. You’re the one who got me (somewhat) over my posting shyness, so the least I can do is give you lil’ birthday thread. I can only hope that one day I’ll have a post count as high as yours, many years from now! :slight_smile:

So come on everybody, let us wish Flami a belated Happy Birthday. I’ll even start the sing-a-long…

Happy Birthday to you…

I already gave you my best wishes in person, but …


Happy Belated Birthday, Flami-o! May you have many more wonderful ones!

Happy Birthday, flammy!

Happy Birthday girl! Hope your birthday was wonderful! :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness! I didn’t know about this one until lel alerted me to its existence. Thanks, everyone. It is a little late, but darn the hamsters, not anyone or anything else.

Scotti, I hope you and rjk had a good time at the dinner the other day. You wouldn’t have wanted to be there till the bitter end, because we finally left at 11:15 or thereabouts. But I do appreciate your coming to my dinner very much. We’ll have to do it again sometime… and maybe Mark can see just how much he looks like Barbarian. :smiley:

Details of the dinner? Sure, I aim to please! :slight_smile:

Had a very enjoyable time last night, actually. People were there at 6:30 because they had to leave early, but that was all right. Since two of the people there were from the SDMB (Scotti and our friend Bob), it made for some interesting conversation. When my friends Mark and Joe got there, the conversation turned very interesting indeed. You see, I had seen Joe at the seawall at the Vancouver Dopefest a while ago, and one of the Dopers with us that day looked like Mark’s doppelganger. So we all discussed what went on at the message board, how it came to be, and all that stuff.

Other friends of mine showed up after 7:30, said hi and happy birthday to me, and we all settled into a fun evening of food, friendship, and good timex. We talked about our lives, our church, Awana, casinos, and various other topics. I hope everyone had a good time.

After my friend Nathan arrived, I decided to open the presents while the majority of the people were still at table, and hadn’t left. I got three candles from various people (Ivan and Karen; the Dopers; and Rick and Nina), a mug (with a packet of strawberry herbal tea) from Anita, a Christian book and CD from Phil and Melia, another Christian book and CD from Mark and Joe, the LOTR trilogy from Nathan and my brother Jon (now I have no excuse not to read it), and a decorative plate from Yazmine. (she said my apartment seemed bare to her… could be)

Other presents I got: a sweater from my parents, $50 and some lotto tickets from my friends Elizabeth and James, a photo frame from my friend Lesley, and some body wash from my friend Dawn. And of course, all my friends’ love and everything else is great, too. :slight_smile: (I should add that I got a candle and a Precious Moments bear from Scotti and Bob)

After all that, we played around with the ribbons and such. We joked that the ribbon could be an engagement ring, or a way for Anita to outdo our friend Helen at her wedding on Saturday. We talked about the Awana leaders’ reactions to the kids they’d get this year, church things, etc.

My brother showed up after 9:20, as advertised. (he wanted me to delay the start time as much as possible… good thing I was able to do that) He arrived dressed up from the function he was at before. No, he didn’t have a proper tuxedo shirt because he can’t afford one on his student budget. He did ask me if “those people from the States” had showed up; it was only one of them that was from the States, and the other was local… and they had showed up and gone some time ago. (so, Scotti, he did ask after you… he also asked what you did; I think I told him you were in the medical profession or something!)

By that time, it was all church people as the Dopers and three of my other friends from other places had left. So we discussed church, people at church, and everything else. Eventually, there were just five people left: me, Jon, Nathan, Sean, and Adella. When I told my brother that the party table had existed in varying forms since 6:30, he was very surprised: “A revolving cast of characters, and we’re the late-night crew.” Indeed they were, and I loved them for it. :slight_smile:

Eventually, we started to wonder why there was nobody coming into the restaurant… we were under the impression that it closed at 1, so at only 10:45 or so, there should be more people. It seemed that we were the only people in the restaurant. There was a Mudd pie dessert, and after we’d finished it, we were doing horrible things to it. (just putting salt, pepper, condiments, ketchup, etc. on it) My brother really wanted to take a picture of it, but his camera was in the car. So when he went to get it, he had to ask Nate to hold the door open for him because the place was closing. No wonder there wasn’t anyone else in the place!

I should add that we all left at around 11:15, after having had a very enjoyable evening. So it wasn’t all that bad… now to get to those books and things before people ask if I’ve finished them before Dec. 18. (the date that the second LOTR movie comes out)

Note: I did get $20 from family friends later in the week, and a card from someone my dad used to work with. It’s all good… I’ve gotten spoiled by everyone. :slight_smile:


<ahem> clearing throat <ahem>


Sorry it’s late, but you know why.


I know I already caught you once on AIM, but just so it’s clear…


I’m glad to hear you had a good time and got to relax a bit.

Wasn’t it Flami who was posting the birthday threads for everyone? :smiley:

Isn’t it ironic?
Don’t you think?

A little too ironic.
Yah, I rilly do think!

Happy Birthday!

And now in Korean:

Saeng-il Chuk-ha Habnida!
Saeng-il Chuk-ha Habnida!
Saeng-il Chuk-ha Habnida!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flamsterette_X!

Hope you had a great one.

Flamsterette_X: I already wished you a happy one over at Fathom (I’m Rotorhead), but this is an excellent opportunity to wish you post-birthday happiness! Have fun! :slight_smile:

swampbear, El Elvis Rojo, dantheman, Astroboy14, pezpunk, and Johnny L.A.: Thanks ever so much!

dantheman: it may be ironic, but that doesn’t mean you get to break out into your Alanis Morissette impression! :stuck_out_tongue:

El Elvis Rojo: don’t worry about it. It was very clear on AIM, but thanks again! :slight_smile:

Johnny L.A. : I caught that Fathom greeting; thanks! Those Irish blessings are really something. :slight_smile: However, if you really want the Chinese version, just search on “Guung” over here. Unless you want me to email it to you, but a search will do as well.

Astroboy14: in Korean, eh? Sounds good to me… but I like the Chinese version myself. :smiley:

I really must belatedly thank Fizzy for starting this thread, as well as Scotticher, lel, Larry Mudd, and dreamer. Everyone who has posted in thsi thread has been very nice to me no matter where I have met them. (AIM, the boards, Yahoo, in real life…) You people really are sweethearts. :slight_smile:

It’s amazing what you forget (to thank people collectively and/or individually) when you’re getting older, you know…