Happy Birthday, dear Sqrlcub...

happy birthday to you!

Yes minions of the SDMB, today, Sunday, March 4, is Sqrlcub’s 26th birthday. Join me in wishing him a happy birthday.

Well, that calls for a hug! {{{{{Sqrlcub}}}}} Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Sqrl, from Barb and me!!!

Unfortunately, Ed refused to strip down and get shipped to D.C. in the cake. He said that the weather was too cold, for one thing, and he had a meeting today to talk to Grant and Mary about reviving the show. Anybody know what to do with a 5-foot-high hollow birthday cake with bears on the outside? :eek:

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Sqrl! And a hug from me too: {{{SqrlCub}}}

26, huh? Does that mean you’re playing with half a deck? :wink:

Happy Birthday, Sqrly one!

Hope to hang out with you again someday…


Grattis på födelsedagen = Happy birthday.
Hope you have a good one.

Well, did he see his shadow?

Oh, what?!

I would ship you off a great man for your birthday, but you know what they say…All the good men are either straight or taken.
So, all I have to offer is a big hug, and Happy Birthday!

Is anybody bringing cake?

Twenty-six, eh? I remember being 26…vaguely.

Happy birthday, Sqrl.

To celebrate your birthday, I’m assembling a Swedish Bikini Team to dance around on the beach in your honor. Now, if you had only been here to witness the event…


:o :o :o
I just realized I confused you with someone else who was bugging me about a Swedish Bikini Team a couple of months ago.
Oh well, I’ll assemble a Swedish Swimmingtrunk Team and have them dance around in your honor instead.

Happy Birthday, Sqrlcub!!!

May the sky rain good looking men to fulfill your every desire! :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Sqrlcub!

26 is a good age to be…hope you have a wonderful year!


Happy Birthday!

It’s also my husband’s birthday. Hooray for March 4!


Have a great one! :smiley:

Happy birthday, hon!!!


Happy Birthday SqrlCub!

Mrs. F. is chiming in with her best birthday wishes, too. :slight_smile:

Good thing I checked in on the boards today! A heartfelt set of birthday wishes from Mrs. O, the Tzeroling, and myself!

Mrs. O wishes to add a big kiss on both cheeks and a noogie, but that’s on her own initiative. :smiley: