Happy birthday, Emma Watson!

Today’s the day! She’s 18!

Here’s to a long and happy life, Miss Watson! Behave yourself, and don’t mishandle your millions!


Oh, and it’s Emma Thompson’s birthday as well…but she’s not 18.

And yet Thompson is the hotter of the two Emmas. It is to laugh.

I guess she is ineffable no longer.

She has a little video clip on her website about being 18, but in it she somehow seems like she’s still 14. It’s somewhat disappointing.

As I just mentioned in the “lets all go see Harry Potter be naked on stage” thread, she celebrated her 18th birthday by posing for some NSFW paparazzi photos. I feel obligated to share this PSA.

A PSA without a link is a PLPSA*

*Pretty Lousy PSA

(mods, apologizes in advance if this isn’t allowed either)


Egotastic! has better shots.

Huh…I would have guessed that she shaves. Well, learn something new every day.

(I feel so dirty for looking at those…)

Awww, and I didn’t get her anything.

Girls; I’ve got advice for you… If you’re in the public eye, WEAR UNDERWEAR.

Or don’t, hey, I don’t care. More bush for perverts like, well, like me.

What a way to celebrate your 18th birthday, by joining the ranks of Celebrity Exhbitionist Skanks. I had higher hopes for little Emma and I hope that this is not a sign of worse things to come. I don’t think any of us want to look back at the Harry Potter movies 20 years from now and see that little Hermoine has turned into a brit version of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

I personally hope she blossoms into adulthood with dignity and grace. I pray she does not become the next Britney/Paris.

Though I am grateful for the see-through panty shot. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am a hypocrite.


Ok, I went and looked (nice site–not really).

It looks to me like black lace panties. I highly doubt it’s anything but black lace panties.
You all are a bunch of pervs. I do hope she remains a class act.

Did you go to the site Tuckerfan posted?

Well… We’re guys! :smiley:

Oh yes, they were black lace panties. See-through black lace panties. THESE see through black lace panties, to be specific.

I too am a guy. I am a bunch of pervs all rolled into one, cuz it wasn’t just enough to look, I had to load them into Photoshop, blow them up, and play with the levels curve tool to make sure that it WASN’T just a shadow I was seeing. And believe me, it was more than just the panties which were visible.

This doesn’t look like it’s an intentional showing. Bad choice of underwear for someone being followed by paparazzi with high quality camera lenses, true, but she probably didn’t have to worry about such things before since any pictures taken would have been illegal to print. (I assume. England seems to have some 16+ nudity allowances according to a friend.) Her undergarments might become a bit more sedate now.

Edit: I’ll also just note that if I’d thought it was a voyeuristic shot of her, I wouldn’t have looked. From the OP I’d thought they were posed, and approved by the target, photos.

She was wearing underwear. It just happened to have sheer stripes and thus revealed about as much as it concealed.

She just snatched a juicy part from Scarlett Johansson.