Happy Birthday, Milossarian!

Everyone get your ass in here and wish our favorite surly loudmouthed Republican and advice columnist a happy 34th.

Please, no cyberhugs. Spankings cheerfully enjoyed, however.

If he ever gets back to Chicago (cough), I’ll buy him a birthday beer. You heard it here first.

Happy birthday, Milo! Let’s have a few drinks and mourn the quick exits of our hockey teams from the playoffs…

And then I’ll spank you. :wink:

Milo’s birthday , woohoo ! What, no hugs ? :frowning:
::gives Milo’s ass a nice grab and squeeze:: Heh, it’s not a hug but it felt almost as good, it’s not a spanking either but since Falc already covered that what’s a girl gonna do ?

Thanks, ladies!

My birthday isn’t for another seven minutes, but spank and squeeze away.

('Yesha - could you tell I’ve been playing hockey for the past 8 months? Buns of Steel! Abs of Labatts!) :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Milo!

I know I said I wasn’t flirting with you anymore but since it’s your birthday, <smooch> :wink:

Happy birthday, Milo!

So, how many birthdays punches is this…60? 90? Give or take a couple years… :smiley:

Have a great one, Milo!

Happy Birthday, Milo!

Have a wonderful day, and an even better year!


Happy Birthday, Milo!

Party hearty and live it up. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, my friend. Why don’t ya take the day off and go beat up a liberal, or two?

Ouch, Ouch, cut it out!

::mutter mutter he didn’t say beat me up, mutter mutter::

Happy b’day (my son, if I let him live, will be 17 tomorrow, so I’ll always remember you’re b’day)

Happy Birthday Milo! Hope your birthday kicks off a great summer.

(You’ll need it, cuz when summer ends you’ll have to watch the Lions again :D)

Have a great day, Mr. Milo! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Milo, you six pack havin’, hockey playing sexual powerhouse.


I never mix my party with my parties.

And as far as taking the day off, not only am I “working” today (I use that term loosely), but I have to work tonight. :frowning:

But a happy Dos de Mayo to all!

Milo, have a happy damned birthday. Work or no work.

What was the stand on ass-pinching? Did I miss it, or was it not mentioned in the guidelines? flexes index finger and thumb lasciviously yet menacingly

Happy Birthday!

Assume the position!

Happy Birthday, Milo!

You can crash on my couch again any time you like! :smiley:

Ooh! I almost missed this! Happy Birthday Milo. Are you coming to Dopapalooza?

Happy Bday, Milo.