Happy Birthday, Milossarian!

I know I’m never online anymore, but you didn’t think I’d forget, did you?

You were one of the first “real” friends I made here, and I continue to value your common sense, your storytelling abilities, your unending sarcasm, and your good heart. I hope this year brings you money, health, travel, front page stories, hockey, beer, rock and roll, and more hot Brazilian chicks than you can handle.

Conversely, I hate your naivety, your endless prattle, your meekness, and your mean streak. I pray for your bankruptcy, sickness, getting nailed down to the floor, your name in the police blotter, badminton, wine coolers, Enya, and that you get a hot brazilian wax.

Happy birthday, though.

Happy Birthday!

Hear hear to the hot Brazilian chicks. I think the world would be a better place it we all had more of those than we could handle.

Me. I hate your common sense, I love your storytelling, I’m a little on the fence regarding your sarcasm, and, although I’m not a heart specialist, I like it O.K. I hope this year brings you just a bit of money, one or two colds/flu/intestinal distress, but nothing to serious, the ability to go to the store, a byline of your own, badmitton played with a hockey puck, hard alcohol, Adult Contemporary, and hot Brazilian nuts.

Happy Birthday, my friend.

Happy Bday, Milo!

Have a good, Milo. And one of these days, if I ever get up to my brother, kamikazee’s place, the three of us will have to get together for a beer, or six.


One. Have good one, Milo. Or six.

Happy birthday Milo! :wink:

Happiest of Birthdays, Milo!

You are acerbic (and funny)…and I LIKE funny and acerbic! (Ha, gotcha…you didn’t think I got it, did you?)

Much Love from the bunnies and the fauns…


Congratulations, you old bastard. Manny happy returns. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday! :smiley:

Nothin’ like being a day late. I would say I was also a dollar short, but I wasn’t planning on giving you any money for your birthday anyway.

HELLO? (hello? … [sub]hello?[/sub])
Anybody here? (here? … [sub]here?[/sub])

Well, if that isn’t a testament to how I never find enough time to come around here anymore, I don’t know what is. I missed my own birthday thread.

Thanks, friends. Belatedly.

:: grabs a stale chip from a near-empty bowl ::

[sub]No Brasileiras were debauched during the celebration of this birthday. Several beers were emptied, however. Professional Driver on Closed Course. Void where prohibited. Go Red Wings.[/sub]

Late as usual

Happy Birdday, MILO!

Well, better luck next time. :slight_smile:

Any of those stale chips left?

Yeesh. Sorry I missed this one, Milo! Belated birthday greetings! Sounds like you had a good one. And when the hell are you goig to attend another Michigan fest, huh?

Oh, umm…, happy late B-day Milo, long time, no talk.

Luv that echo effect, it’s still ringing over here…

Consider me very unfashionably late but what else is new?

I haven’t given Milo a kiss in quite a while–what better time than a birthday thread?


Love ya, Milo–hope you had a great one.

awww - I heard he was a-scared of me. :smiley:

Happy b’day Milo
no white tailed deer were killed in the process of this post… insert smiley face here. void where prohibted